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THE GENERAL INDEX TO THE THOM/ST VOLUME 48 (1984) INDEX OF AUTHORS. Ashley, Benedict, M., O.P., Christian Moral Principles: A Review PAGE Discussion 450 Austin, William H., Theology and Natural Science : Beyond the Truce 7 A Review Discussion . 433 Buckley, James J., Retrieving Trinitarian Teaching 274 Carr-Wiggin, Robert, God's Omnipotence and Immutability 44 Corrigan, Kevin, A Philosophical .Precursor to the Theory of Essence and Existence in Thomas Aquinas . 219 Dulles, Avery, S.J., The Essence of Catholicism: Protestant and Catholic Perspectives 607 Duval, Andre, O.P., Yves Cougar: A Life For the Truth . 505 Fatula, Mary Ann, O.P., Dogmatic Pluralism and the Noetic Dimension of Unity of Faith 409 Fuller, Reginald H., The Historical Jesus: Some Outstanding Issues 368 Gallagher, Kenneth T., " Meaning " and " Mental Process ": Some Demurrals to Wittgenstein 249 Guerriere, Daniel, How Does God Enter Into Philosophy? 165 Hellwig, Monika, Soteriology in the Nuclear Age 634 Ingham, Nicholas, 0.P., Attribute and Act . 52 Johnson, Elizabeth A., C.S.J., The Theological Relevance of the Historical Jesus: A Debate and a Thesis 1 Magno, Joseph A., Beyond the Self-Referential Critique of Determinism 74 May, William E., Aquinas and Janssens on the Moral Meaning of Human Acts . 566 Peterson, John, ·Kant's Dilemma of Knowledge and Truth 241 Portier, William L., Edward Schillebeeckx as Critial Theorist 341 Root, Michael, Images of Liberation: Justin, Jesus and the Jews 512 Schall, James V., S.J., Immortality and the Political Life of Man in Albertus Magnus 535 Scheffczyk, Leo, Christology in the Context of Experience: On the Interpretation of Christ by E. Schillebeeckx . 383 Sontag, Frederick, Beyond Process Theology? A Review Discussion 645 Uniacke, Suzanne M., The Doctrine of Double Effect . 188 Werpehowski, William, Political Liberalism and Christian Ethics: A Review Discussion 81 INDEX OF BOOKS REVIEWED PAGE Altizer, Thomas J. J., et al.: Deconstruction and Theology (Michael J. Kerlin) 461 Beauchamp, Tom L. & Alexander Rosenberg: Hume and the Problem of Causation (Paul T. Durbin) 119 Brentano, Franz: The Theory of Categories (Andrew J. Burgess) 493 Brezik, Victor B., ed.: One Hundred Years of Thomism (Thomas C. O'Brien) . . 473 Chadwick, Owen: The Popes and European Revolution (John Vidmar) . 702 Cobb, John B., Jr.: Beyond Dialogue: Toward a Mutual Trans-. formation Of Christianity and Buddhism (Ellison B. Findley) 704 Cook, Michael J.: Th& Jesus of Faith (Lewis S. Fiorelli, O.S.F.S.) 139 Craven, William G.: Giovanni Pico della Mirandola, Symbol of His Age: Modern Interpretations of a Renaissance Philosopher 696 Crosson, Frederick, ed.: The .Autonomy of Religious Belief (John Whittaker) 128 de Margerie, Bertrand: The Christian Trinity in History (William J, Hill, O.P.) •. 297 Ferreira, M. Jamie: Doubt and Religious Commitment (Jeremy E. Miller) 309 Feuerbach, Ludwig: Thoughts on Death and Immortality (Charles A. Wilson) 327 Harrod, Howard L.: The Human Genter (Paul Trainor) 125 Hendrix, Scott H.: Luther and the Papacy (Eric W. Gritsch) 143 Hennesey, James: .American Catholics (Robert Oris) 157 Henry of Ghent: 0 pera Omnia Vols. V and XIV: Quodlibets I tf: X (Stephen D. Dumont) . 470 Holmes, J. Derek: The Papacy in the Modern World (John Vidmar) 702 Holtzmann, Steven & Christopher Leich, eds.: Wittgenstein: To Follow a Rule (J. Churchill) . 685 Kenny, Anthony: Faith and Reason (Hugo Meynell} 303 Klein, Peter: Certainty: A Refutation of Scepticism (Patrick Lee) 690 Kolakowski, Leszek: Religion: If There is No God ... On God, the Devil, Sin and other Worries of the so-called Philosophy of Religion (Roger Kimball) . 672 Kovach, Francis J. & Robert W. Shahan, eds. : Albert the Great: Commorative Essays (Laura L. Landen, O.P.) 323 Malloy, Edward A., C.S.C.: Homosexuality and the Christian Way of Life (B. A. Williams, O.P.) 680 Martland, Thomas R.: Religion as Art (Roger Kimball) 133 McCawley, Jamefil D.: Everything That Linguists Have Always Wanted to Know about Logic, But Were; Ashamed to Ask (Dennis C. Kane, 0.P.) 694 INDEX OF BOOKS REVIEWED PAGE Nelson, Robert: Pascal: .Adversary and Advocate (A. J. Krailsheim .er) 498 Newton-Smith, W. H.: The Rationality of Science (Raymond Dennehy) 478 Nowell, Robert: .A Passion for Truth (Donald W. Buggert, 0. Carm.) 149 O'Brien, T. C., ed :. St. Thomas .Aquinas: Summa Theologiae: General Index (Claudia Carlen, I...


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