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  • Index Volume CXXIV, 2016


Berry, Wendell How It Went 363
Colgan, James Shelter 185
Epstein, Ann S. Undark 79
Ford, Kathleen Choosers of the Slain 370
Holloway, John E. Another Vietnam 627
Makuck, Peter Inside Waiting 203
McFadden, Dennis A Very Good Cure 233
Nelson, Kent Longing 251
Rice, H. William Pursuit 214


Barbarese, J. T. With or Without You (two poems) 19
Behm, Richard H. Long Night (six poems) 23
Behrendt, Stephen Wash Day (three poems) 381
Berry, Wendell Sabbaths 2014 (nine poems) 37
  Sabbaths 2014 (seven poems) 263
Brandt, A. M. Black Seeds Hidden in Black Soil (four poems) 267
Brosman, Catharine Savage Essential Things (three poems) 384
Byard, Olivia Three Poems 570
Cleary, Suzanne Two Poems 270
Collins, Floyd For Teresa Shuler (two poems) 389
Conan-Davies, Cally The Brink of Flight (two poems) 21
Cooley, Peter Premonition Update 391
Cording, Robert Tell Me (four poems) 572
Crowell, Elizabeth My Swine, and All the Fowls 271
Davis, William Virgil Rituals (four poems) 5
De Maris, Ron Let the Waves Pour Endlessly (six poems) 577
Gebhard, Gwenn Meditation at a Reading 583
Gordon, Sarah Three Poems 584
Gwynn, R. S. Music at Midnight 392
Hilbert, Ernest We Shine and Burn (three poems) 9
Hillard, Graham Miniature Book Collection, Sweet Briar College 588
Hunt, Simon Two Poems 272
Justice, Jean Ross Where It Was (two poems) 589
Langhorne, Henry The Physician’s Art (four poems) 34
Madden, David Seldom Is Often Enough (two poems) 11
Mahapatra, Jayanta The Nakedness of the World (four poems) 591
Makuck, Peter Miss Jones 595
Malin, Stephen Attendant Shades 28
Mazzaro, Jerome What We Would Become (six poems) 30
McNair, Wesley The Afterlife 274
McNamara, Robert Four Short Poems With Trees 597
Middleton, David Ancient Love (five poems) 276
Morris, Darren E. Attendant to the Sycamore 600
Mott, Michael Homer’s South (four poems) 601
Neu, Sabina de Werth A Few Yellowed Pages (five poems) 605
Poch, John Train Wreck (two poems) 393
Raisor, Philip Contentious Dialogue 395
Rogoff, Jay Stragglers 397
Rossiter, Sarah Certain Seasons (three poems) 282
Scheffler, Adam Two Poems 612
Shepard, Neil Last Resorts (two poems) 17
Skloot, Floyd The Beginning of Time (three poems) 398
Snyder-Camp, Megan Three Songs 615
Spence, Michael Three Poems 618
Starbuck, Kathryn Two Poems 15
Talmadge, Jeffrey Even a Fool (two poems) 622
Tamarkin, Molly Three Poems 285
Welch, Don After the Moment of Her Undressing 13
White, J. P. Two Poems 624
Williams, Kenny Two Poems 625
Wiman, Christian Stones of the Field (seven poems) 1

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Bloch, Lucienne S. What is Left 641
Buffington, Robert Poets, Death, and the Sixties Disorder 428
Cain, William E. Suffering with Willa Cather 289
Check, John The Case of Maurice Ravel 68
Donaldson, Scott Scott and Dottie 40
Hoy, Pat C., II Habitations 403
Keithley, George Sunlight on the Sea of Cortez 440
Livatino, Mel Not Waving But Drowning 444
Mason, David Voices, Places 455
Pickering, Sam The Habituated Eye 417
Potter, Dawn Family Matters 62
Ripatrazone, Nick Does Belief Matter in Fiction? 314
Smith, Gerald L. The Guns of Childhood 467
Swan, Gladys A World of Differences 306
Thornton, Christopher The Long Shadow of S-21: Letter from Phnom Penh 650

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Arthur, Chris Seamus Heaney, a Personal Turas 99
Berthoff, Ann E. Libraries Here and There 490
Crossley, Robert Leaving Paradise: The Final Books of Paradise Lost 149
Heddendorf, David What is Emerson For? 482
Keeble, Brian Who Speaks From the Dust? 117
Lacy, Robert Raymond Carver as Poet 114
  Cruel and Barbarous Treatment 325
  In Memoriam: Bill Harrison 330
Meyers, Jeffrey Remembering James Salter 334
Monteiro, George Trilling and the Frost Birthday Fracas 492
Moseley, Merritt On Helen Norris Bell 332
  New Facts about Jane Austen 488
Rothman, David J. Primo Levi, Dante, and the Meaning of Reading 498
Slavitt, David R. Considering Merrill Moore, M.D. 130
Wilson, Ryan Warren, Eliot, Dante, and the Promises of Tradition 136
Yezzi, David Marie Ponsot’s Ever-Fixéd Mark 506


Banerjee, A. T. S. Eliot’s Doomed Marriage 166
Core, George The American Man of Letters 180
Engel, William E. Remembering...


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