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News of the Field / 249 Conferences Changing Fate in Religious Daoism Erlangen, June 13-14, 2013 Convened by Terry Kleeman, this 2-day workshop explored the many different facets of fate in Daoism, including philosophical considerations, cosmological interpretions, ritual practices, and many more. Stephen Bokenkamp, Robert Campany, Vincent Goossaert, Barbara Hendrischke, Stephen Jones, Fabrizio Pregadio, and Michael Stanley-Baker presented. See 2013/changing-fate-in-religious-daoism.shtml —Joachim Gentz 2013 International Conference on Religious Concern for Life Kaohsiung, December 6-7, 2013 Held on the campus of Cheng Shiu University, this conference was primarily devoted to current issues among the Daoist faithful in Taiwan, though two presenters discussed end-of-life care issues from a Catholic perspective, and five speakers discussed topics in Daoist history. In the remaining six presentations, two general themes emerged: first, the necessity of making Daoist scriptures, doctrines, and practices more accessible to the general public, through the editing and publication of punctuated editions with easy-to-understand explanations, and through more effective outreach and systematic educational programs designed for children and for adults. The second theme, related to recent food quality scansdals in Taiwan, concerned vigilance about diet and household use items—how can one properly practice inner alchemy, for instance, if one’s food is filled with industrial chemicals? Presenters included Li Fengmao 李豐楙, Liu Guoliang 劉國梁, Thomas E. Smith, Maruyama Hirō 丸山宏, Yokote Yutaka 横手裕, and Weng Taiming 翁太明 (a Daoist priestess in Kaohsiung). —Thomas E. Smith 250 / Journal of Daoist Studies 7 (2014) Upcoming Daoism: Tradition and Transition Boston, May 29- June 1, 2014 The 9th International Conference on Daoist Studies will take place at its place of origination: Boston University. The focus is on Daoist thought, history, and practice—with particular attention to the impact Daoism has exercised in Chinese history and the contemporary world. Panel topics include Daodejing, Zhuangzi, Huainanzi, ritual, modern Daoism, military, martial arts, and qigong. Renowned qigong masters offer worshops throughout. For more details, see To register, write to ‚‛ 11th International Congress on Tao and TCM Graz, September 25-27, 2014 This international meeting on Chinese medicine will focus on ‚Yangsheng Prevention—Better Aging‛ with a strong emphasis on Daoistinspired methods. For details, please visit 4th Congress of Societas Medicinae Sinensis Tutzing, October 3-5, 2014 Three days of presentations by major representatives of Chinese medicine , including Heiner Frühauf, Mazin Al-Khafaji, and senior Chinese professors like Deng Zhongjia and Hu Changjiang. For information, write to ‚‛ Humanity between Heaven and Earth October 31 - November, 2014 A meeting arranged in cooperation of the Schwabenakademie Irsee and the Medical Society for Qigong Yangsheng will offer new insights, vibrant discussions, and many practice sessions in southern Germany. For more, see; ...


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