Sixteen species of reptiles (two sea turtles, seven geckos, six skinks, and one monitor lizard) are recorded from Lukunor Atoll, Federated States of Micronesia. None is endemic to the atoll, and nearly all are widespread in Micronesia, and in many cases well beyond. The gecko Perochirus ateles has the highest incidence of occurrence, being recorded on 17 of the 18 islands, followed by the skink Lamprolepis smaragdina (14 islands), and the gecko Gehyra oceanica (13 islands). The skinks Emoia caeruleocauda and E. impar were among the most common lizards wherever they occurred on the atoll but were observed on only eight and six of the islands, respectively, and occurred together on only two of them. The Pacific monitor, Varanus indicus, was introduced during the Japanese administration, and the common house gecko, Hemidactylus frenatus, probably sometime after World War II. Origins of the other species are less certain; some possibly arrived by natural dispersal and others assisted by humans.


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