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Actinella, diatom genus in Hawai‘i, 609– 621

Anadara spp., food availability for, 539–551

Aplysiidae, 283–294

Arecaceae, 599– 608

Araneae, 105–111

Asteraceae, 219–235

Aves, 187–196

Bacillariophyceae, 609– 621

bees, leaf-cutter, diversity and origins, in Fiji, 561–570

birds, 187–196, 197–203

bivalves—see Anadara spp.

Bovidae, 141–156

Bush-Warbler, Japanese—see Cettia diphone

Capra hircus, Pacific island invasive species, 141–156

Carcharodon carcharias, attack of by Isistius brasiliensis, 129–134

cetaceans, enganglement in Peru, 523–532

Cettia diphone, genetic and morphological differences among populations, 187–196

Chrysolophus pictus, first successful introduction to the United States, 197–203

Chrysophyceae, 113–118

chrysophytes, silica-scaled, additions to New Zealand freshwater flora, 113–118

cookiecutter shark—see Isistius brasiliensis, 129–134

coral reef health, contrasts in assessments in Melanesia, 409– 424

coral reefs of Papua New Guinea, historical patterns of resource exploitation, 425– 440

Ctenochaetus striatus, high mortality following settlement event, 533–538

Ericales, 237–251

fisheries, artisanal reef, analyses of seasonal catch patterns in North Sulawesi, 1–13
coral reef, community assessments, 361–381
human dimensions of, 315–325
western Pacific, critical human dimensions, 383–393

fishery catch and sharing networks in Hawai‘i, 329–344

fishes, 15–22, 129–134, 205–217, 295–301, 533–538
native and introduced, microhabitat use in a Hawaiian stream, 205–217

fishing, subsistence, in the western Pacific, 477– 488

flower visitation, patterns in Hawai‘i, 253–266

Gastropoda, 303–313

goat, feral—see Capra hircus

herpetofauna, terrestrial, of Îls des Pins, New Caledonia, 571–590

Hesperomannia, evolution and biogeographic origin, 219–235

Hibiscus glaber, loss of seed buoyancy in the Bonin Islands, 591–597

Hymenoptera, 105–111

Ichneumonidae, 105–111

iguana, green—see Iguana iguana

Iguana iguana, 157–186

Iguanidae, 157–186

insect extinction on Mangareva, revealed by herbarium specimens, 553–560

intertidal communities, spatial and temporal variation, 23– 45

Isistius brasiliensis, observation of attack on Carcharodon carcharias, 129–134

limpet—see Lottia insessa

Lottia insessa, northern distribution along the Pacific coast, 303–313

Lutjanidae, 15–22, 295–301

Lutjanus biguttatus, reproduction and length relationships, 295–301

Lutjanus, quantitative analysis of distribution by market surveys, 15–22

Lysimachia, phylogenetic relationships among endemic Hawaiian, 237–251

Mammalia, 141–156

marine resource, hybrid management programs design in Oceania, 461– 476
knowledge and use in Hawai‘i, 441– 460

marine resources, living, interviews with elder fishers in American Samoa, 395– 407

Megachilidae, 561–570

Mollusca, 283–294, 303–313, 539–551

Opisthobranchia, 283–294

Pacific island invasive species, 141–156, 157–186

Pacific Science Association and human dimensions research, 327–328

Parasteatoda tepidariorum, seasonal life cycle of Zatypota albicoxa in, in Japan, 105–111

Perciformes, 15–22, 295–301

Pheasant, Golden—see Chrysolophus pictus Ponapea palauensis, assessment of status in Palau, 599– 608

Porifera, 493–511

Primulaceae, 237–251

Pseudorca crassidens, island-associated population in Hawai‘i, 513–521

rain forest treefall gap dynamics, 47–58

raspberry, Himalayan yellow—see Rubus ellipticus

reptiles, 119–128, 157–186, 571–590
of Sorol Atoll, Yap State, Federated States of Micronesia, 119–128

Rosaceae, 59–80

Rubus ellipticus, potential classical biological control, 59–80

seafood and society on O‘ahu, Hawai‘i, 345–359

sea hares, new taxonomy for two Pacific species, 283–294

sharks, 129–134 [End Page 627]

snails, land, from archaeological sites in the Marshall Islands, 81–104

sponges, affinities of in French Polynesia, 493–511

Squamata, 157–186

surgeonfish—see Ctenochaetus striatus

Sylviidae, 187–196

Synurophyceae, 113–118

Theridiidae, 105–111

vegetation of Alejandro Selkirk Island (Isla Masafuera), Juan Fernández archipelago, 267–282, insert

whales—see also cetaceans
false killer—see Pseudorca crassidens

white shark—see Carcharodon carcharias

Zatypota albicoxa, seasonal life cycle in Parasteatoda tepidarum in Japan, 105–111 [End Page 628]



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