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I. Revised Subthemes for the 22nd Pacific Science Congress

Organizers of the 22nd Pacific Science Congress, which will be held 14–18 June 2011 in the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, have revised the symposia structure for the conference to enhance the clarity of the scope and vision of the meeting. The overall theme of the PSC-22 is “Asia Pacific Science in the 21st Century: Meeting the Challenges of Climate Change & Globalisation”. The new Subthemes of the Congress are:

  • A Changing Climate: Climate science; Physical impacts; Ecosystem responses; Mitigation and adaptation strategies; Climate policies; Vulnerable human populations

  • Global Change & Ecosystems: Biodiversity; Landscape systems; Ecosystem services; Coupled human-natural systems; Invasive species; Museum collections and barcoding

  • Oceans: Coral reefs; Ocean acidification; Large Marine Ecosystems; Marine biotechnology; Fisheries; Marine mammals

  • Earth Systems & Risk Management: Earth science and geophysics; Meteorology; Natural hazards; Integrated Disaster Risk Reduction

  • Globalization: Human populations; Population movement; Urbanization; Megacities; Gender; Economics and trade; Governance issues; Challenges of small island states; Human security; Poverty alleviation

  • Resource Constraints & Sustainability: Millennium Development Goals; Water; Agriculture; Food; Energy; Integrated Coastal Zone Management; Ecological economics

  • Health Challenges: Persistent and emerging infectious diseases; HIV/AIDS; Chronic and lifestyle diseases; Microbiology; Medical tourism; Telemedicine

  • Science for Policy and the Future: Science communication; Science education; Building science capacity; Science and the media; Traditional knowledge; Data access and management; Intellectual property; Universality of science; Frontiers of science (complexity science, materials science, biotechnology) [End Page 481]

A number of symposia will be held under these Subthemes. Conveners, including chairpersons of PSA Taskforces and scientific committees, who wish to organize a symposium, are requested to organize it under one of the above Subthemes, although special symposia may also be requested under particular circumstances. Proposals for symposium or mini-symposiums will be accepted and will be screened by the Organizing Committee. Detailed information on contributing papers will be announced in the 1st announcement, and can be accessed at the Congress website (

II. Call for Symposia for 22nd Pacific Science Congress

The call for sessions for the 22nd Pacific Science Congress continues until 15 September 2010.

If you would like to propose a session, please address the requested information below, and email to: Mr. Nasaruddin Rahman ( The deadline for submitting session proposals will be posted on the official Congress website ( and on the PSA website (

Proposers should prepare a one-page summary of their proposed session that includes the following:

  1. a. Specify symposia or workshop topic.

  2. b. Provide a title of proposed session.

  3. c. Provide the objectives of the proposed session.

  4. d. Provide the names and contact information for committed conveners (symposia) or leaders (workshops). Note that it is highly recommended that at least 2 leaders (or a convener and co-convener) be committed for each symposia/workshop, and that they be from different countries. We also encourage cross-disciplinary session ideas, although this is not required.

  5. e. Provide a proposed list of session speakers and potential paper titles.

  6. f. A one paragraph justification and brief description of the symposia or workshop.

  7. g. Time requested. Specify the amount of time needed for the symposia or workshop.

  8. h. Name, affiliation, and tentative title for each invited speaker. Each presenting author must register and pay registration fees (by date in 2011 to be determined).

  9. i. Anticipated outcomes of the symposia or workshop. Please provide a short description of anticipated outcomes from the proposed symposia or workshop. Note that symposia are expected to produce publishable proceedings, and workshops to produce publishable summaries or recommendations.

III. New Guidelines for PSA Scientific Working Groups

The Pacific Science Association Council authorizes its Scientific Working Groups (formerly the Scientific Task Forces and Scientific Committees) at PSA Congresses every four years. Both existing and new proposed Working Groups will be reviewed for authorization by the PSA Council meeting during the 22nd Pacific Science Congress in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 13–17 June, 2011. Proposals should be submitted to the PSA Secretariat Office by e-mail no later than May 1, 2011 (a reminder will be sent early in 2011). The Working Groups will also undergo a progress...


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