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MAY 2016

Avant-Garde Museology, edited by Arseny Zhilyaev. Reviewed by Amanda Egbe.

Art, Peace and Transcendence: Réograms That Elevate and Unite by Paul Ré. Reviewed by Rob Harle.

Drawing Ambience: Alvin Boyarsky and the Architectural Association by Igor Marjanović and Jan Howards. Reviewed by Sana Murrani.

Stan VanDerBeek: Poemfield (exhibition), Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York. Reviewed by Maureen Nappi.

When I Was a Photographer by Félix Nadar. Reviewed by Ana Peraica.

Women’s Views: The Narrative Stereograph in Nineteenth-Century America by Melody Davis. Reviewed by Jane Hutchinson.

Writing and Unwriting (Media) Art History: Erkki Kurenniemi in 2048, edited by Joasia Krysa and Jussi Parikka. Reviewed by Amanda Egbe.

APRIL 2016

A Geology of Media by Jussi Parikka. Reviewed by Gabriela Galati.

Diffractive Technospaces: A Feminist Approach to the Mediations of Space and Representation by Federica Timeto. Reviewed by Edith Doove.

Illegal Literature: Toward a Disruptive Creativity by David S. Roh. Reviewed by Jan Baetens.

The Internet Unconscious: On the Subject of Electronic Literature by Sandy Baldwin. Reviewed by Will Luers.

The Subject of Aesthetics by Tone Roald. Reviewed by George K. Shortess.

Trees of the Brain, Roots of the Mind by Giorgio A. Ascoli. Reviewed by Florence Martellini.

MARCH 2016

African Art, Interviews, Narratives: Bodies of Knowledge at Work, edited by Joanna Grabski and Carol Magee. Reviewed by Jonathan Zilberg.

Biocentrism and Modernism, edited by Oliver A.I. Botar and Isabel Wünsche. Reviewed by Charissa N. Terranova.

Bloom: Edward Chell, edited by Emma Brooker. Reviewed by Jane Hutchinson.

Dreaming: A Conceptual Framework for Philosophy of Mind and Empirical Research by Jennifer M. Windt. Reviewed by Richard Kade.

Representation in Scientific Practice Revisited, edited by Catelijne Coopmans, Janet Vertesi, Michael Lynch and Steve Woolgar. Reviewed by Amy Ione.

Singular Images, Failed Copies: William Henry Fox Talbot and the Early Photograph by Vered Maimon. Reviewed by Rob Harle.

Thinking in the Dark: Cinema, Theory, Practice, edited by Murray Pommerance and R. Barton Palmer. Reviewed by Jan Baetens.


Bodenlos—Vilém Flusser und die Künste/Without Firm Ground— Vilém Flusser and the Arts (exhibition), Berlin 19 November 2015–10 January 2016; Karlsruhe, 15 August 2015–18 October 2015, Academy of Arts Berlin and ZKM Karlsruhe. Curated by Siegfried Zielinski and Baruch Gottlieb in collaboration with Peter Weibel. Reviewed by Eugenia Stamboliev.

Laudato Si’: On Care for Our Common Home by Pope Francis. Reviewed by George Gessert.

The Voice in the Drum: Music, Language, and Emotion in Islamicate East Asia by Richard K. Wolf. Reviewed by Jonathan Zilberg. [End Page 477]



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