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  • Cave Into The Cave: A Wild Rumor
  • Ye Seung Lee

Ye Seung Lee, in the CAVE into the cave series, which she started in 2011, uses various forms of screens to change spaces into a kind of stage. In this work, light and dark—major elements in its form—appear consistently. Images programmed in advance interact with shadows caused by objects installed in the exhibition space to highlight subtle differences between the real and the false. The forms move in sync with sound, depending on the flow of spectators. By creating a confusing experience through the use of constant repetition and overlapping, Lee tries to point to the psychotic aspects of modern society caused by excesses such as too much information and material affluence.

Ye Seung Lee
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Ye Seung Lee, CAVE into the cave: A wild rumor, interactive media installation, micro-controller, motion sensors, scientific experiment tools, plastic containers, daily objects, table, lights, chairs, 2014.

(© Ye Seung Lee)

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Ye Seung Lee
Email: <>.


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