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  • Star Pattern Shirt
  • Kyungwoo Han

Kyungwoo Han demonstrates how hard it is to retain objectivity in the human acts of seeing and reading and shows the reality that the truth of phenomena cannot be seen as such but can merely be interpreted subjectively. In his work Star Pattern Shirt, the artist uses the Stars and Stripes as a symbol of Western capitalism flowing into East Asia. The Stars and Stripes projected onto the screen is actually a scene where objects arbitrarily arranged in the exhibition hall are reproduced through one camera viewpoint; the work conceptually displays modern society in which capitalism is prevalent. A spectator realizes that his or her own moving shape seen through a fixed image of the stars and stripes at the moment when he passes through the installed works is the very image lighting up the spot where he or she stands.

Kyungwoo Han
Email: <>.

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Kyungwoo Han, Star Pattern Shirt, single-channel video, 5 min 17 sec, 2011. Image at top shows installation view.

(© Kyungwoo Han)

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Kyungwoo Han
Email: <>.


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