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  • Euphoric Drive
  • Biho Ryu

Biho Ryu recognizes that contemporary individuals pay a certain price for services that global enterprises offer, and that consumers are conditioned to enjoy and be pleased with these services. His work Euphoric Drive, from the Flexible Landscape series, is a 3D animation that reminds one of a racing game. The viewer is presented with a landscape in which signs keep gliding by during a constant drive down a yellow street at a speed of 10–20km/hr. This work looks at society from a critical viewpoint and sends a message that the desires of modern people fascinated with the ecstasy of capital are like a vain mirage.

Biho Ryu
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Biho Ryu, Euphoric Drive, single-channel video, 5 min (loop), 2008.

(© Biho Ryu)

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Biho Ryu
Email: <>.


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