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  • Set (American Wooden House)
  • Mioon

In the work Set, the artist Mioon has painted a pictorial landscape using florescent pigments on a wall where video is projected. After the video is projected and then turned off, the room becomes dark, and for five seconds of darkness, viewers see the luminous image created by the pigments glowing in the dark. Intriguingly, the pictorial landscape image is differently perceived according to the type and brightness of the previously projected video image. This work relies on the effects of afterimage in memory, i.e. overlaps and afterimages induced by alternating the video images and the pictorial image. One memory is intertwined with another, and recent memories arise together with the traces and afterimages of previous memories.

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Mioon, Set (American wooden house), HD video (top), fluorescent paint (bottom), 10 min, 2014.

(© Mioon)

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