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  • Early Spring Drawing—Four Seasons 2
  • Leenam Lee

Leenam Lee gives rebirth to different times, cultures and concepts, such as the East and the West, using painting and image animation to create a moving image artwork. Early Spring Drawing—Four Seasons 2 is a reinterpretation of the work Early Spring Drawing (1072 BCE) by Guo Xi of the Northern Song dynasty in China. Lee intends, through the use of digital technology, to revitalize this classic work that has been locked in time and space. He maximizes the pictorial mood of the landscape—which Guo Xi would have enjoyed—by creating a dreamlike and dramatic atmosphere through changing the seasons and varying the weather in the painting.

Leenam Lee
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Leenam Lee, Early Spring Drawing—Four Seasons 2 (winter/autumn), LED TV, 6 min 59 sec, 2012.

(© Leenam Lee)

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Leenam Lee
Email: <>.


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