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  • Winged Triptych
  • Mark McBeth (bio)

1. Father’s Wings

They said cardiac arrest, yet        the eyes were abducted first, taken hostage                                 to an outlet where chenille wingshang discount.A moist gold god                         murmursJust believe in Jesus                             I quip                                                                                 Final Sale No Return

2. Son’s Wings

The terrorist smirked      slipped                   down                              clandestine corridors                                                      painting graffiti of Man’s square breasts.Outside, he gasped                              paused      His father hung under a cumulus      of silent, salvational breath

At the services, he imagines his own wings:black leather, bedazzled, cropped short. [End Page 262]

3. Holy Ghost’s Wings

Batman, the Boy Wonder is a cavefilled with sun-kissed guiltand a cacophony of gospel                                            Really malaisedeformed anatomy under spandexpressed deeply downdisturbingly dangled

He mispronounces a nearly dead language      flagellates his own masquerade                         the porthole a plunging                                                                   peekaboo slit

While lip-locked              superheroes sweat      While the Bat car revsWhile Deuteronomy looms in the Gotham skies [End Page 263]

Mark McBeth

Mark McBeth is associate professor at John Jay College and the Graduate Center, CUNY. His book, Teacher Training at Cambridge: The Initiatives of Oscar Browning and Elizabeth Hughes (coauthored with Pam Hirsch), explores the history of education in nineteenth-century England. His work has also appeared in various journals and book collections.



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