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  • Ode to Lithium #44:Ghazal, Interrupted
  • Shira Erlichman (bio)

brother        snow-smothered      road turned mutein my doorway in my nakedness let me explain

father back turned makes my bed with me stillin it “you frighten” but I cut him off let me

mother stomach turning lifts spoon “I’m notsick” let   let    prophet I’m    me    explain

lover turns the volume up while I cryso the neighbors think we’re dancing

doctor turns toward my bloodshotI’m certain of all every I’ve got it just let [End Page 259]

Shira Erlichman

In Hebrew, Shira means “song” and “poem.” Born in Israel, living in Brooklyn, Shira Erlichman is a songwriter, producer, writer, and visual artist who has shared stages with Ani DiFranco, CocoRosie, Mirah, and Andrea Gibson. Her writing has been published in Buzzfeed, the Huffington Post, BUST Magazine, Winter Tangerine, Muzzle, Prelude, the Massachusetts Review, and Union Station, among others, and in the anthology Courage: Daring Poems for Gutsy Girls. Her latest album, Subtle Creature, was released in August 2016.



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