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  • Index to Volume 40


Alanen, Lilli. “Personal Identity, Passions, and ‘The True Idea of the Human Mind.’” 40.1: 3–28.

Bohlin, Henrik. “‘Effects on the Mind’ as Objects of Reasoning: A Perspectivist Reading of the Reason-Passion Relation in Hume’s Ethics.” 40.1: 29–51.

Carlson, Åsa. “The Moral Sentiments in Hume’s Treatise: A Classificatory Problem.” 40.1: 73–94.

Emerson, Roger L., and Spencer, Mark G. “A Bibliography for Hume’s History of England: A Preliminary View.” 40.1: 53–71.

Fisette, Jason R. “Hume on the Lockean Metaphysics of Secondary Qualities.” 40.1: 95–136.

Garrett, Don. “Loeb’s ‘Standard’ Questions about Hume’s Concept of Probable Truth.” 40.2: 279–300.

Garrett, Don. “Millican’s ‘Abstract,’ ‘Imaginative,’ ‘Reasonable,’ and ‘Sensible’ Questions about Hume’s Theory of Cognition.” 40.2: 227–42.

Loeb, Louis E. “Setting the Standard: Don Garrett’s Hume.” 40.2: 243–78.

McIntyre, Alison. “Fruitless Remorses: Hume’s Critique of the Penitential Project of The Whole Duty of Man.” 40.2: 143–67.

Millican, Peter. “Skepticism about Don Garrett’s Hume: Faculties, Concepts, and Imposed Coherence.” 40.2: 205–26.

Wei, Jia. “Maritime Trade as the Pivot of Foreign Policy in Hume’s History of Great Britain.” 40.2: 169–203.


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Thiel, Udo. The Early Modern Subject: Self-Consciousness and Personal Identity from Descartes to Hume. Anik Waldow. 40.2: 301–4. [End Page 312]



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