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There’s a 7% chance I’ll be run over by an airplane taxiing to its gate;                7% I’ll be disemboweled by American dingoes;7% I’ll have a line of designer socks named in my honor;                7% this statistic could rise to 14%,but 7% it could be halved by a lack of interest.

There’s a 7% chance the best thing I’ll write has already been written;                7% I’ve got an undiscovered talent I’m aware of;7% I’ve got an incurable disease I wouldn’t want to cure;                & 7% someone’s looking over my shoulder& hoping I’ll notice, if only to pretend he/she’s not looking.

There’s a 7% chance the next phone-call will bring us tragic news;                7% we’ll do something about Global Warmingbefore it’s almost too late & then still decide not to do anything;                7% we might bring about a lasting peace,& 7% it’ll only last a few weeks before the bloodshed’s renewed.

Fortunately, there’s a 7% chance these statistics are way off                & 7% no figures will back these up;7% this is really about the probability our fetus has an abnormality,                & 7% that this 7% may refer to something else,something that will assuredly & continually cause our hearts to ache. [End Page 45]

Jonathan Greenhause

Jonathan Greenhause, a four-time nominee for the Pushcart Prize, won the 2015 Editor’s Choice Poetry Award from Kind of a Hurricane Press, the second-prize winner in the 2016 Gemini Magazine Poetry Open, a finalist for this year’s Green Mountains Review Book Prize, a finalist for Soundings East’s 2016 Claire Keyes Award in Poetry, and a finalist for the 2016 Iowa Review Poetry Award. His poems have recently appeared or are forthcoming in Artful Dodge, FOLIO, Mantis, RHINO, South-word Journal, and Stand, among others.



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