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  • On a Metro Gliding at the Edge of Jungles where Tigers Walked
  • John Wall Barger (bio)

A hardbitten lady holding a tiny radioin two hands like a beggar with a hatsmiled. The very merest gesture.A grin like a flag or a noose—something broken free & scatteredin the four winds. Rain tappedthe windows. She got off but her grinfluttered on, moth in a dark hall.A memory crawled like a scorpionout of a shoe: a boxing match on TVI once sat on a road to watchwith locals in Palawan. Pacquiao,crowd favorite, hammered De La Hoya.We cheered. Before the ninth,De La Hoya’s corner tossed in the towel.Handsome De La Hoya, eye mashedshut, mouth twisted, a man likea punctured balloon, the smashed bustof a god. Our collective error& our flaming heart. He grinned. [End Page 91]

John Wall Barger

JOHN WALL BARGER’s poems have appeared in The Cincinnati Review, Tampa Review, Rattle, and The Montreal Prize Global Poetry Anthology. His second collection, Hummingbird, was a finalist for the 2013 Raymond Souster Award.



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