This text focus on Jean-Luc Nancy’s concept of “co-appearing.” We claim that Nancy understands “co-appearing” as a non-subjective process of original synthesis, which provides the ultimate ontological grounds for a post-hermeneutical understanding of Being. We also suggests that “co-appearing” allows to elaborate a reinterpretation of transcendental logic. As original synthetic process, “co-appearing” describes the way in which meaning produces itself, without involving the category of a subjective, or even existential, “understanding.” We identify the production of meaning through an analysis of metaphors in Aristotle’s Poetics. Metaphors create meaning by opposing terms that “appear with” one another. My hypothesis is that the production of metaphors offers a clear example of how meaning is produced abandoning any presupposition concerning self-reflection and subjectivity. It is in that sense that “co-appearing” challenges transcendental logic and pushes us to reinvent it.