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  • Index to Volume 109

The Index exhibits separately: (I) Contributors; (II) Contents, arranged with reference to the main types of material appearing in the journal. Certain conventions, e.g., that of indicating reviewers by enclosing their names in parentheses immediately after the designation of books reviewed, will be familiar from earlier volumes. Reviews are regularly listed by name of modern author, editor, translator, etc.


  • A. Augoustakis, 195.

  • E. Baragwanath, 165; A. Barchiesi, 266; S. Bartera, 280; S. Beta, 430; G. Bonasio, 556; R. S. Bond, 295; B. W. Boyd, 130; K. R. Bradley, 263; S. A. Brown, 131; J. S. Burgess, 127.

  • K. Cheshire, 422; P. Christesen, 138; S. Cole, 132; W. R. Connor, 413.

  • C. M. X. Dance, 564; F. Dunn, 134.

  • A. Feldherr, 268; J. Ferriss-Hill, 270; E. Fisher, 119; S. A. Frampton, 560; L. Fulkerson, 128.

  • G. Giorgini, 423; R. Groves, 321.

  • Z. Herz, 420.

  • P. Jones, 221.

  • C. Keane, 424; A. Kotzé, 39.

  • S. Lape, 431; D. Libatique, 69; S. Lye, 235.

  • W. Mann, 570; C. C. Mattusch, 557; J. McAlhany, 277, 569; T. A. J. McGinn, 426; R. Meyers, 487.

  • G. Oliver, 555; P. Owens, 507.

  • V. E. Pagán, 135; V. Panoussi, 179; M. Parca, 155; D. P. Peralta, 278; D. M. Possanza, 428; P. Properzio, 565.

  • K. A. Raaflaub, 3; G. Ramsey, 275; M. V. Ronnick, 427; D. K. Roselli, 137; I. Ruffell, 142.

  • S. O. Shapiro, 419; W. M. Short, 381; D. Sider, 274; M. Skempis, 435; S. Slaveva-Griffin, 433; J. Soldo, 272; C. D. Stein, 447; D. Steiner, 567; B. E. Stevens, 465; T. Stover, 141.

  • A. Taylor-Adams, 525; W. Thalmann, 559; C. Thumiger, 264; A. Traill, 267; K. M. Trego, 357; C. Trinacty, 573; A. Tzanetou, 155.

  • R. Van Dam, 562; K. Van Lommel, 91.

  • D. Washburn, 434; J. Wilson, 271; R. D. Woodard, 572.

  • J. Uden, 144.

  • J. E. G. Zetzel, 437.


  • A. Augoustakis: Achilles and the Poetics of Manhood: Re(de)fining Europe and Asia in Statius’ Achilleid: 195.

  • E. Baragwanath: Panthea’s Sisters: Negotiating East-West Polarities through Gender in Xenophon: 165.

  • R. S. Bond, Dramatic Reckoning of the Numeric Kind: Herodotus’ Extended Calculations: 295.

  • W. R. Connor: The Classics Now: Changing Discourses, Emerging Opportunities: 413. [End Page 583]

  • E. Fisher: Professor, Magistra, et Discipuli: A College Internship in the Secondary School Classroom: 119.

  • R. Groves: From Statue to Story: Ovid’s Metamorphosis of Hermaphroditus: 321.

  • P. Jones: Gender and Ethnicity in Heliodorus’ Aithiopika: 235.

  • A. Kotzé: Three Instances of Greek Autobiographical Writing from the Fourth Century bce: 39.

  • D. Libatique: A Narratological Investigation of Ovid’s Medea: Met. 7.1–424: 69.

  • R. Meyers: Filiae Augustorum: The Ties That Bind in the Antonine Age: 487.

  • P. Owens: Barbarisms at the Gate: An Analysis of Some Perils in Active Latin Pedagogy: 507.

  • V. Panoussi: Spinning Hercules: Gender, Religion, and Geography in Propertius 4.9: 179.

  • M. Parca and A. Tzanetou: Introduction: Gender, East, and West in Classical Antiquity: 155.

  • K. A. Raaflauf: Ancient Greece: The Historical Needle’s Eye of Modern Politics and Political Thought: 3.

  • W. M. Short: Spatial Metaphors of Time in Roman Culture: 381.

  • C. D. Stein: The Life and Death of Agamemnon’s Scepter: The Imagery of Achilles (Iliad 1.234–239): 447.

  • B. E. Stevens: Smell and Sociocultural Value Judgment in Catullus: 465.

  • A. Taylor-Adams: Learning to Fly: Vocabulary Acquisition and Extensive Reading in an Intermediate Classical Greek Class: 525.

  • K. M. Trego: Do As I Say and As I Do: Lessons on the Use of History for the Civic Statesman in Plutarch’s Praecepta: 357.

  • K. Van Lommel: Heroes and Outcasts: Ambiguous Attitudes Towards Impaired and Disfigured Roman Veterans: 91.


  • P. Acton, Poiesis: Manufacturing in Classical Athens (G. Oliver) 555.

  • R. K. Balot, Courage in the Democratic Polis: Ideology and Critique in Classical Athens (J. Wilson) 271.

  • A. Barchiesi, Homeric Effects in Vergil’s Narrative (L. Fulkerson) 128.

  • S. Bartsch and A. Schiesaro (eds.), The Cambridge Companion to Seneca (J. Soldo) 272.

  • M. T. Boatwright, M. Maas, and C. Smith (eds.), The Centro at Fifty: The History of the Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies, 1965–2015...


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