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  • Frederick J. Booth
  • Corey Martin, Nathan Mastropaolo, Robert Santucci, Erik Shell, and Judith P. Hallett

Canamus virum insignem non solum pietate1 benignitateque sed etiam amore totius mundi classici, praesertim scriptorum Latinorum, novorum et antiquorum, atque operum recentiorum quae recreant scripta antiquitatis classicae in lingua Latina ipsa et aliis hodiernis linguis. Universitas quam sol iustitiae illuminat (etiam in occidente)2, ad ripas fluminis magni facti carmine, ei contulit gradus et Baccalaurei Artium et Doctoris Philosophiae. Diligentia studioque civitatem hortorum, quam eum fovit et aluit, alit apud universitatem promoventem periculis contemptis.3 Quamquam nonnullos annos vixit et laboravit sub regno Domini celeberrimi, ut praeses societatis nostrae non repressit, non imperavit, non coercuit, sed duxit liberalissime humanissimeque. Plaudamus igitur Frederick Booth. [End Page 549]

Corey Martin, Nathan Mastropaolo, Robert Santucci, Erik Shell, and Judith P. Hallett
University of Maryland, College Park


Let us sing of a colleague distinguished not only for his devotion to our field and his kindness to all, but also for the love he displays for the entire classical world, particularly writings in classical and neo-Latin, and later works which re-create writings from classical antiquity in the Latin language itself and in other modern languages. On the banks of the fabled Raritan River, at Rutgers University, he earned his B.A. and Ph.D. With enviable effort and enthusiasm he has fostered learning in the state that nurtured and fostered him, at Seton Hall University. Although he has long lived and toiled in New Jersey, home of a singer-songwriter renowned for his commanding ways, as president of our organization he did not control, he did not rule, he did not boss, but led most generously and humanely. Let us thus applaud Frederick J. Booth.

1. Vergil, Aeneid 1.10: insignem pietate virum

2. Sol iustitiae et occidentem illustra: motto of Rutgers University

3. Hazard Zet Forward (“Despite hazards, move forward”): Norman French motto of Seton Hall University



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