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The Palestinian-British artist Mona Hatoum’s No Way III (2000) perfectly articulates the complicated relationship of intimacy and the domestic that the authors of “Everyday Intimacies of the Middle East” explore in their articles. Hatoum’s work was part of Domestic Disturbance, an exhibition of fifteen works shown at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art from March 17, 2001, through February 4, 2002. In 2005 Hatoum wrote that, far from evoking the calm safety of home, the spiked colander that is No Way III “makes you think about all the possible unpleasant things to do with home, whether it’s like the housewife or the woman feeling entrapped by domesticity, or whether it’s to do with a condemned environment where the inhabitants have to flee, or an environment that is to do with incarceration as in being under house arrest, or the notion of the home denied.” [End Page 267]



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