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  • Pushing Water 71
  • Charles Alexander

the air of juneswims in peasoup, skimpsalong lessthan brightly

the air of junefatigues somehundred or twoor more yearsafter the factof its migration

the air of junesings a tunenot a madsong but abad song

the air of junein the preludeto july the aftermath of may akind of nowhereland for a firmlynowhere people

there, if junewants me, iwill be, humminga tune, you mayeven wantto sing along,sing a longlong song, there

not busting outall over, underthe bridge thebats hang, takeoff, return in theair of june, andwe witness andare witnessedthe communal acthas come to thisno disappointmentwe are the appointedanointed, lookingdown then up thenall over, facesvanishing in thedusky air of june

the air of june dipsinto a bit of a swampthese fine days            we’ll be together            (yes we will, yes we will)

the air of junesings            sssss ssssssings            chreeeeee            chreeeeee up                            chreeeeeeesings air alive

not that old spoonbut a new tunethe air of june sings

a bird springsyellow bird in blueor yellow sky colors birdor all the colors, chromaticscales, variations spinningthe air of june singing

in the air of junepools in the citiespoliced into monochromatichue, you, Americasinging foul songin the air of june

the air of june singsblack bodiesblack bodiesthe song rings redthe air carries nofresh news the airof june forgets nothingwe will rememberthe air of june sings

share the airshare the air of juneshare the air of june songshare, sing, fill the air

the air of june sharesno services of snowand shame is no replacementfor love’s offer, magnitudeof engagement so highin the air of june

the air of juneyet remains to seeremains to be seenan air so hopelessto conceive what partof parting chimes theedges of air

this air, this juneno reticent volcanobut a full flow outfull flow in, engulfingus in the air of junewhere did you standin this our currentjune, this air of wantthat requires of us a fullnessof color, a lack of white doorsand oceans ajar, a mongrelair raises a trumpet callto who we might be, a cautionto those who would usethe body as a canvas, whowould sing an air this juneof light without showingthe absence, the pain, theplace in the street whereno air fills us, no airof june sings

the air of june cuts stonesacross from the strawberryfieldwhere faded flags are strewnabove a congregation of bodiesand we are going somewherenot here, not anymore, the airhas gone a-wandering

the air of june is toodeeply occupied to sayif it breathed, and it mistakessincerity and honor, and askswhat is true, I ask, whatis true? needless you say,how so, and who are pawnsor where are knights inthe air of no june castlesno enclosures of whatwe need to occupy the air

the air of june confined eventhen the air finds a possiblemeeting, finds that darkclouds will pass and deepfogs be lifted and radiantstars will shine with beautyin this dream of new airsand new junes we sing

says june, I wantto spring a yellowbird in the sunI want tosing a yellow windin the rain Iwant to wing a wordin the darkand burning nights ofjune I want tosing a rain songin the air of june

the sky of the airthe cloud in thesky of the airthe june of thecloud in the skyof the air thesong the june thecloud the sky thewestern wind dothblow the earthmoves in the junewind song

the air of junefollowing...


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