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© 2000 ISAST LEONARDO, Vol. 33, No. 3, pp. 223–224, 2000 223 ON-LINE RESOURCES Leonardo On-Line, Leonardo Electronic Almanac (LEA) and Observatoire Leonardo des Arts et des Technosciences (OLATS) are three related Leonardo web sites with the common goal of presenting the work and ideas of artists and researchers working with science and technology. Leonardo On-Line (http://mitpress. the web site of the nonprofit organization Leonardo/ The International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology (ISAST). This web site contains information about all of the organization’s projects—for example , Leonardo, Leonardo Music Journal, the Leonardo Book Series, and the Leonardo Awards Program—as well as information about our special projects, calls for papers, editorial guidelines and so forth. This web site also acts as a gateway to other Leonardo web sites, including LEA, OLATS, the Leonardo Digital Reviews web site and Leonardo Music Journal’s web pages. Leonardo Electronic Almanac is a monthly web journal published by Leonardo/ISAST and the MIT Press that features material contributed by artists, scientists, educators and developers of new technological resources in the media arts. The LEA web site also houses the Leonardo Electronic Monographs (see list below). LEA is password -protected and available by subscription or as a benefit of subscription to the print journals Leonardo and Leonardo Music Journal. LEA access includes access to on-line versions of the print journals and access to the Leonardo Electronic Archives (http:// Observatoire Leonardo des Arts et des Technosciences is the web site of Association Leonardo, a collaborating organization of Leonardo/ISAST. The OLATS web site, mostly in French, is dedicated to information, key works, artists’ ideas, and studies in the field of art related to techno-sciences. Some of OLATS’ key projects are: Afrique Virtuelle (Virtual Africa, involving exchanges between African and other artists ), Pionniers et Précurseurs (Pioneers & Pathbreakers, on-line documentation about pioneering technological artists), Space Art (documentation of the annual Space and the Arts Workshops) and the publication of colloquium papers ( LEONARDO ELECTRONIC MONOGRAPHS The Leonardo Electronic Monographs series seeks to address the need for in-depth scholarly discourse through the publication of texts or hypertexts addressed to specialized scholarly audiences. Our aim with the series is to provide a publishing venue for important works whose lengths fall between those of journal articles and books. All Leonardo Electronic Monographs are subject to peer review before acceptance. Authors interested in submitting a monograph for publication consideration should send E-mail to and include proposed title, abstract and sample section of the monograph. To access the Monographs, visit . Current Leonardo Electronic Monographs include: • “Towards a Transformative Set-Up: A Case-Study of the Art and Virtual Environments Program at the Banff Center for the Arts,” by Michael Century and Thierry Bardini • “Extended Musical Interface with the Human Nervous System: Assessment and Prospectus,” by David Rosenboom • “Pour une typologie de la création sur Internet” (A Typology of Creation on the Internet), by Annick Bureaud • “Art et technologie: La Monstration” (How to Curate, Display and Exhibit Works of Electronic Art), by Annick Bureaud, Nathalie Lafforgue and Joel Boutteville • “Rencontres du 13 avril: Space Art Workshops,” by Annick Bureaud et al. • “The Aesthetic Status of Technological Art,” by Jacques Mandelbrojt et al. LEONARDO ON-LINE BIBLIOGRAPHIES The Leonardo Bibliography Project (http:// spec.projects/biblios.html) lists bibliographies of interest to our art/science/technology audience . Types of bibliographies include reading lists for classes and courses of interest to educators ; detailed bibliographies on specialized topics (e.g. Art and Biology); bibliographies of single authors of interest to our readership (e.g. Rudolf Arnheim). Readers interested in publishing a bibliography on Leonardo OnLine should contact the Leonardo Editorial Office with a description of the bibliography. If the bibliography is already available on-line elsewhere, send us a description and we will point to the bibliography , if appropriate. Bibliographie générale de l’art électronique Compiled by Annick Bureaud. E-mail: . The recently updated Bibliographie générale de l’art électronique (Electronic Arts General Bibliography), written in French, lists books, proceedings and catalogs...


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