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© 2000 ISAST LEONARDO, Vol. 33, No. 2, pp. 143–144, 2000 143 ON-LINE RESOURCES LEONARDO ELECTRONIC MONOGRAPHS The Leonardo Electronic Monographs series seeks to address the need for in-depth scholarly discourse through the publication of texts or hypertexts addressed to specialized scholarly audiences. Our aim with the series is to provide a publishing venue for important works whose lengths are between those of journal articles and books. All Leonardo Electronic Monographs are subject to peer review before acceptance. Authors interested in submitting a monograph for publication consideration should send E-mail to and include: proposed title, abstract and sample section of the monograph. To access the Monographs, visit . Rencontres du 13 avril: Space Art Workshops Annick Bureaud et al., 57, rue Falguiere, 75015 Paris, France. E-mail: . The “Rencontres du 13 avril” workshops are a series of workshops co-organized by Leonardo/OLATS, the OURS Foundation and the International Academy of Astronautics. Annually since 1997, these organizations have invited leading scientists and artists to come to a suburb of Paris for a 1-day workshop on specific themes. The “Rencontres du 13 avril” days focus on the exchanges between artists and scientists and on the cultural impact of space activities. In 1997, the theme of the “Rencontres” was “The Artist as Space Explorer”; in 1998, it was “Space Art/ Earth Art”; and in 1999, “Cultural Perspectives on Space.” In 3 years the “Rencontres” have gathered more than 40 participants: Jacques Arnould, Marc Battier, Eva Belik, Josh Firebaugh, Marco Bernasconi, Michael Boehme, Joël Boutteville, Burkhard Bratke, Ralf Buelow, Annick Bureaud, Jackie Burns, Vinton Cerf, Richard Clar, Jürgen Claus, Pierre Comte, David Criswell, Kitsou Dubois, Frank Friedlander , Richard Kriesche, William Hartmann, Benjamin Jay Britton, S. Reid MacGregor, Susan McKenna-Lawlor, Nathalie Lafforgue, Rob La Fresnais, Roger Malina, Christine Maxwell, Hervé Moulin, Karen O’Rourke, Lucy Orta, Jorge Orta, Didier Ottinger, Marki Peljham, Jean-Marc Philippe, Josette Runavo, Jean-Jacques Runavo, Richard Americus de Seabra, Alexandre Szames, Nicola Triscott, Claudine Varesi, Tracey Warr, Chris Welch and Arthur Woods. These three workshops are documented on-line with abstracts and/or full texts of the participants’ diverse presentations, ranging from artists’ achieved works or projects (Keo by JeanMarc Philippe; Cosmic Dancer and the SEEDS project by Arthur Woods; Alpha of Zero G. Art by Pierre Comte; Earth Star by Richard Clar Solar Modules by Jürgen Claus) to curated exhibitions (Seven Hills in Berlin for year 2000 presented by Ralf Buelow), to scientific presentations (Mars exploration and astrobiology by Douglas O’Handley; Lunar Solar Power Project by David Criswell; Design and Form of Extraterrestrial Garden by Chris Welch). The Aesthetic Status of Technological Art Jacques Mandelbrojt et al., Le Corbusier Apt. 103, 280 Bd. Michelet, 13008 Marseilles, France. E-mail: . In March 1997, a colloquium took place at the Les Treilles Foundation in the south of France on “The Aesthetic Status of Technological Art.” This colloquium gathered artists who work with visual and sound technological media along with persons who have an outside view of such art, such as artists who use more traditional media, aestheticians, physicists, mathematicians and sociologists. Participants included Jean-Paul Allouche, Roy Ascott, Philippe Bootz, Annick Bureaud, François Delalande, Michele Emmer, Marcel Frémiot, Pascal Gobin, Eduardo Kac, Roger Malina, Jacques Mandelbrojt, Pierre Mendès-France, Louise Poissant and Luc Rondeleux. The monograph based on this colloquium includes abstracts and/or full texts by the various participants, on topics such as the relationships between mathematics and art; music and new aesthetic forms; digital poetry; telepresence artworks on the Internet; and attempts at defining new aesthetic criteria to evaluate technological artworks . The Les Treilles meeting was conducted in both French and English; some sections of this monograph are in French, some in English, and some in both French and English. Selected texts from this colloquium also appear in two issues of Leonardo: Vol. 32, No. 3 and No. 4 (1999). The current list of Leonardo Electronic Monographs includes: • “Towards a Transformative Set-Up: A Case-Study of the Art and Virtual Environments Program at the Banff Center for the Arts,” by Michael Century and Thierry Bardini • “Extended Musical Interface with the Human Nervous System: Assessment and Prospectus...


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