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Leonardo Gallery 87 DIGITAL GATEWAY by Nigel Johnson Visitors are introduced to the Wired Worlds gallery while passing through an interactive Digital Gateway (1999), which evokes passage from one state to another, from the physical analog world into the digital domain of the gallery. The 3 × 2.5 × 3-meter Gateway installation consists of two opposing vertical walls comprising 6,912 red light-emitting diodes (LEDs) sandwiched between plate glass. Each wall houses 54 autonomous, linked display modules, each containing 128 LEDs, a Scorpion K4s microcontroller and infrared sensors arranged in a 6 × 9 matrix. The Gateway is founded on the basic but powerful principle of logic states represented by the ones and zeros of binary notation. As visitors pass between the walls and engage with the work, their shapes, sizes, positions and movements are sensed, and their forms are interpreted on the walls as moving, pixelated blocks and points of light. Nigel Johnson is an artist, researcher and lecturer based in Dundee, Scotland. (© Nigel Johnson. Photo: Paul Thompson) (Contact: Nigel Johnson, 5 Windsor Place, Dundee, DD2 1BG, Scotland, U.K. E-mail: . Web: .) ...


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