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COLOR PLATE A 4 No. 1. Ira Altschiller, Aurora 16, digital image, 1997. (? Ira Altschiller) No. 2. Gary Greenfield, Eerily Slow, Cibachrome print, 7 x 7 in, 1997. This image was created using a two-stage art-by-choice process . In the first stage, an expression is evolved to specify the geometry , and in the second stage expressions are evolved for each of the red, green and blue channels of the color scheme. The subject matter of the composition is time. (? Gary Greenfield) No. 3. Guillaume Hutzler, Bernard Gortais and Alexis Drogoul, screen capture representing summer from The Garden of Chances, computer-generated artwork utilizing multi-agent technology, 1997. (? Guillaume Hutzler, Bernard Gortais and Alexis Drogoul) ?Iw COLOR PLATE B No. 1. Bill Seaman, "Menu System Detail," from Passage Sets/One Pulls Pivots at the Tip of the Tongue, digital image, 1995. (? Bill Seaman) See General Article by Stephen Jones. No. 2. Zdenek Kocib, Red Lines and Forms of Light, No. 7, acrylic paint and holograms on board, 10 x 14 in, 1998. The green and red colors form a stabilizing background for the changing colors and light from the patterns in holographic foil. (? Zdenek Kocib) No. 3. Bernard Caillaud, Conditional Automaton-DIM-2, computer -generated algorithmic image, 1999. The program that defined this two-dimensional automaton was built upon four independent conditions of neighborhood that led to four possible solutions for the new value of the colorimetrical state of the cell being examined. The number of possible colors is 124. (The picture obtained here was modified using Adobe Photoshop.) (? Bernard Caillaud) ...


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