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60 HANS CARL ARTMANN EPITAPH pontius pilate satellite of arauco neat plant among needles blessed and blinded besalaried in the circle of the elliptical heel labile like aloe pulsing orifice bright burrowing cro-magnon of knapsacks ascetics cum laude chosen salt silver horn on the track of fish in the rain falsetto ashes radius of death chiloé of water dewy monstrance of stems and fibers maritime and polar and polar Translated by Rosmarie Waldrop 61 HANS CARL ARTMANN o bishop shake the fetish tree o bishop shake the fetish tree ethiopia is cooking leaves and angelets . . . in the sun cage it’s already noon . . . o do not beg for your daily bread o no o do not beg for your bread . . . Translated by Rosmarie Waldrop UNTITLED 62 HANS CARL ARTMANN UNTITLED Translated by Rosmarie Waldrop a louse in the clockwork . . . oh zeus! a louse between the teeth of time . . . once those little wheels start itching— it’s all over . . . 63 HANS CARL ARTMANN UNTITLED Translated by Rosmarie Waldrop hocus pocus crow and crocus snow to snow all coal is lost and out of focus all roads lead to rome where beautiful palms grow and death has a house in the tiber lead restlessly without rest all the way to the capitol. capitol you white white housewife milky star and blackberry’s foe please call off the crow and crowess let us borrow your bare arm: crow and crowess may be people their heart too may be like ours but antique circus rings have been created just for geese 64 and wolves and foxes hocus pocus all roads in the end will end yours too, my crow and crowess but they need not end in rome . . . snow to snow to coal to coal . . . ...


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