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  • Index: Volume 38, 2015


  • Arthur, Paul Longley. “Coda: Data Generation.” 38.2 (Spring): 312–20.

  • Besemeres, Mary. “Remembering David.” 38.4 (Fall): 479–82.

  • boyd, danah. “Am I am Blogger?” 38.2 (Spring): 303–306.

  • Breiter, Jason, Orly Lael Netzer, Julie Rak, and Lucinda Rasmussen. “Introduction: Auto/Biography in Transit.” 38.1 (Winter): v–xi.

  • Cardell, Kylie, and Emma Maguire. “Hoax Politics: Blogging, Betrayal, and the Intimate Public of A Gay Girl in Damascus.” 38.2 (Spring): 205–221.

  • Chansky, Ricia Anne. “Between Selves: An Intertextual Approach to Jamaica Kincaid’s Among Flowers.” 38.1 (Winter): 135–51.

  • Clark, David. “Pictures in the Stars: 88 Constellations for Wittgenstein and the Online ‘Biography.’” 38.2 (Spring): 290–96.

  • Davis, Rocío G. “fictional Transits and Ruth Ozeki’s A Tale for the Time Being.” 38.1 (Winter): 87–103.

  • Eakin, John. “David Parker and the Good of Life Writing.” 38.4 (Fall): 482–84.

  • ———. “James Olney and the Study of Autobiography.” 38.4 (Fall): 465–71.

  • Franklin, Cynthia J. “The Afterlife of the Text: Launching ‘Life in Occupied Palestine.’” 38.3 (Summer): 395–424.

  • Freadman, Richard. “For David Parker.” 38.4 (Fall): 484–86.

  • Gilmore, Leigh. “Covering Pain: Pain Memoirs and Sequential Reading as an Ethical Practice.” 38.1 (Winter): 104–117.

  • Graham, Pamela. “‘An Encyclopedia, Not an Experiment in Democracy’: Wikipedia Biographies, Authorship, and the Wikipedia Subject.” 38.2 (Spring): 222–44.

  • Horrocks, Ingrid. “Martin Edmond: An Interview.” 38.4 (Fall): 512–22.

  • ———. “‘something else is going on, an interaction, an exchange’: Martin Edmond’s Lives.” 38.4 (Fall): 491–511.

  • Howes, Craig. “Remembering Tim Dow Adams.” 38.4 (Fall): 487–90.

  • Huff, Cynthia. “A Tribute to James Olney.” 38.4 (Fall): 471–74.

  • Josefowicz, Diane. “On (Not) Talking in the Dark: Why I Stopped Blogging.” 38.2 (Spring): 307–311.

  • Kalugin, Dmitri. “Soviet Theories of Biography and the Aesthetics of Personality.” 38.3 (Summer): 343–62.

  • Katz, Kimberly. “The ‘Dual Era’ in Hebron through the Diaries of Sami ‘Amr.” 38.4 (Fall): 523–42.

  • Killoran, John B. “The Rhetorical Situations that Invite Us Online.” 38.2 (Spring): 279–84.

  • Kitzmann, Andreas. “Re-Visiting the Web Cam and the Promises and Perils of the Fully Networked Age.” 38.2 (Spring): 273–78. [End Page 721]

  • Lange, Patricia G. “Vlogging Toward a Digital Literacy.” 38.2 (Spring): 297–302.

  • Luca, Ioana. “Secret Police Files, Tangled Life Narratives: The 1.5 Generation of Communist Surveillance.” 38.3 (Summer): 363–94.

  • Maguire, Emma. “Self-Branding, Hotness, and Girlhood in the Video Blogs of Jenna Marbles.” 38.1 (Winter): 72–86.

  • McNeill, Laurie, and John David Zuern. “Online Lives 2.0: Introduction.” 38.2 (Spring): v–xlvi.

  • Ophir, Ella. “The Diary and the Commonplace Book: Self-Inscription in The Note Books of a Woman Alone.” 38.1 (Winter): 41–55.

  • Pulda, Molly. “Victim/Victor: Stalking the Subject of Online Life Writing.” 38.2 (Spring): 181–204.

  • Rak, Julie. “Life Writing Versus Automedia: The Sims 3 Game as a Life Lab.” 38.2 (Spring): 155–80.

  • Rasmussen, Lucinda. “The (De)Evolution of a Genre: Postfeminism’s (Dis)Empowered Narrator of the Breast Cancer Narrative.” 38.1 (Winter): 118–34.

  • Rifkind, Candida. “The Seeing Eye of Scientific Graphic Biography.” 38.1 (Winter): 1–22.

  • Rodrigues, Elizabeth. “‘Contiguous But Widely Separated’ Selves:” Im/Migrant Life Narrative as Date-Driven Form.” 38.1 (Winter): 56–71.

  • Saunders, Edward. “Defining Metabiography in Historical Perspective: Between Biomyths and Documentary.” 38.3 (Summer): 325–42.

  • Smith, Sidonie. “In Memoriam, James Olney.” 38.4 (Fall):474–75.

  • Sorapure, Madeleine. “Autobiography Scholarship 2.0? Understanding New Forms of Online Life Writing.” 38.2 (Spring): 267–72.

  • Tomsky, Terri. “The Guantánamo Lawyers: Life Writing for the ‘Courts of Public Opinion.’” 38.1 (Winter): 23–40.

  • Wachter, Phyllis E. “Annual Bibliography of Works about Life Writing.” 38.4 (Fall): 556–703.

  • Waites, Kate J. “Sarah Polley’s Documemoir Stories We Tell: The Refracted Subject.” 38.4 (Fall): 543–55.

  • Watson, Julia. “Remembering James Olney.” 38.4 (Fall): 475–78.

  • Whitlock Gillian. “The Hospitality of Cyberspace: Mobilizing Asylum Seeker Testimony Online.” 38.2 (Spring): 245–66.

  • Zalis, Elayne. “Designing a Theatre of Recollection for the Digital Age: Shifting Perspectives and the Autobiographical Eye.” 38...


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