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  • in middle passage position
  • Ayana Aubourg (bio)

    black woman        push‘til you bleed sugar

    black woman        hand    me your child

    black woman        chillyou’re tearing walls

    black woman        contractyour lips they’re too


    kill your baby    black woman

        stopher criminal pulse    black woman        give    life for captivity    black woman        stop    the cycle now    black woman        givelife to our empire    black woman [End Page 107]

        stop    reproducing    black woman        give        life

    black woman

in middle passage position    black woman

        breathe [End Page 108]

Ayana Aubourg

Ayana Aubourg is a member of Youth Against Mass Incarceration, a Boston-based collective of young people challenging, and pushing for alternatives to, the prison industrial complex. She currently studies International Relations at Simmons College. Email:



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