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Katherine E. Standefer

Katherine E. Standefer writes about the body, consent, and medical technology from Tucson, Arizona. Winner of the 2015 Iowa Review Award in Nonfiction, her work has also been published in or is forthcoming from Colorado Review, Fugue,, Camas, High Country News, and others. As a certified sexologist, she has provided sexuality education to more than 7,600 people. She teaches narrative medicine seminars, creative writing classes, and freshman English at the University of Arizona, where she received her MFA in creative nonfiction. Follow her @girlmakesfire.

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1. February: We meet up for the first time at the West End Tavern and drink dark beer and bourbon under a heat lamp on the upper deck, beside the shuffleboard. My hiking boots trail slush. Eli wears a flannel. Halfway through the evening, he unbuttons his shirt and slides his arm toward me, to show me the brightly inked tattoo on his shoulder. A monkey wrench. He carries the sketch...


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