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  • Toronto School of Theology Theses Completed 2014–15 Academic Year

= Emmanuel College


Regis College


Knox College


Trinity College


St. Michael’s College


Wycliffe College


Adkins, Andrew (W). For the Love of Right Angles: Bedan Archetypes of Ethnicity as a Mystical Map of the Wholeness of Salvation within the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. PhD/H. Co-supervisors: Alan Hayes and Andrew Orchard. Fall 2014.
Amoussou, Luc (R). Acts as a Hidden Transcript of Political Resistance: The Lukan Narrative of Infrapolitics. PhD/B. Supervisor: Terence Donaldson. Fall 2014.
Chae, Hyeok-su (K). Analysis of the Present Curriculum: The Kingdom of God, and Proposal for the Future Curriculum of the Presbyterian Church of Korea. PhD/P. Supervisor: Nam Soon Song. Fall 2014.
Fortin, Jean-Pierre (M). Grace in Auschwitz: A Glimpse of Light in Utter Darkness. PhD/ Th. Supervisor: Gilles Mongeau. Fall 2014.
Freeman, Sarah (M). Preaching & Peacemaking: A Mennonite Homiletic of Justice, Peace and Reconciliation. PhD/P. Co-supervisors: Dorcas Gordon and Lydia Harder. Fall 2014.
German, Brian (W). Martin Luther’s First Psalm Lectures and the Canonical Shape of the Hebrew Psalter. PhD/B. Supervisor: Christopher Seitz. Fall 2014.
German, Igal (W). The Inner-Textual Unity of Genesis 2–4 against the Backdrop of the History of Exegesis on the Narratives of Sin with Literary-Theological Implications. PhD/B. Supervisor: Glen Taylor. Fall 2014.
Han, Kyongkuk (K). An Investigation of the Potential of Traditional Korean Narrative as a Model of Contextual Preaching for the Korean Protestant Church. PhD/P. Supervisor: Dorcas Gordon. Fall 2014.
Hofman, Marina (W). Dream Type-Scene in Old Testament Narratives: Structure and Significance. PhD/B. Supervisor: Michael Kolarcik. Fall 2014.
Huang, Jeng-zen (W). A Quantitative Study of the Vocalization of the Inseparable Prepositions in the Hebrew Bible. ThD/B. Supervisor: Glen Taylor. Spring 2015.
Joo, Kyo Don (E). A Homiletic Geared towards Ethical Living: An Examination of Gospel and the Third Use of the Law with Relation to the Divine and Human Roles in Sanctification. PhD/P. Supervisor: Paul Wilson. Fall 2014.
Knoke, Derek (E). Proclamation as Revelation: The Gospel as a Means of Re-presenting Ethical Life. PhD/P. Supervisor: Paul Wilson. Fall 2014. [End Page 307]
McDonald, Mary (R). Body-Psyche-Mind in the Self-Appropriation of the Subject: Complexifying Lonergan’s Account of Nature and Supernature. ThD/Th. Co-supervisors: Gilles Mongeau and Robert Doran. Fall 2014.
Pawlus-Kasprzak, Gabriela (M). The Ties That Bind: Religion and Nationalism among Polish(-)Canadian Immigrants during the Interwar Period. PhD/H. Supervisor: Mark McGowan. Fall 2014.
Sharman, Scott (M). The Way of Sergius: Sergei Bulgakov and the Contemporary Search for Christian Unity. PhD/Th. Supervisor: T. Allan Smith. Fall 2014.
Smyth, Bernard (R). From Babel to Pentecost: Using the Soteriologies of Gustavo Gutierrez and Aloysius Pieris to Challenge Facets of the Project of Neo-liberal Globalization and Nurture the Development of New Liberation Theologies. PhD/Th. Supervisor: Lee Cormie. Fall 2014.
Williams, Karen (E). Paul-Making History: In Search of a Sartrean Biographical Method. PhD/B. Co-supervisors: Leif Vaage and Joseph Bryant. Fall 2014.


Armstrong, Lloyd (W). Team Ministries in Anglican Parishes in the Maritime Provinces of Canada: Considerations for Formation and Development. DMin. Supervisor: David Reed. Spring 2015.
Blaksley, Mary Ann (R). A Sacred Place for Wounded Souls. DMin. Supervisor: David Reed. Fall 2014.
Casas Aragon, Beidy (K). A Theology and Practice for Equipping Youth Ministers in the Havana Presbytery to Address Sexual Abuse in Their Ministry with Adolescents/ Youth. DMin. Supervisor: Dorcas Gordon. Spring 2015.
Chun, Joon Bum (R). Christian Spiritual Direction for Korean Protestant Women: Focusing on God-Images. DMin. Supervisor: Michael Stoeber. Fall 2014.
Coupar, Regina (R). The Ministry of Art: an Intrinsic Case Study. DMin. Supervisor: Rebekah Smick. Fall 2014.
Tosi, Eric (T). Koinonic Evangelism: A Case Study of the Theology and Practice of Evangelism as Practiced in Three Parishes of the Orthodox Church in America. DMin. Co-supervisors: Charles Fensham and John Bowen. Spring 2015.


Edwards, Robert (W). Clement’s Gnostic Interpretation of the Old Testament: Divine Pedagogy as the Basis for Clement of Alexandria’s Biblical Interpretation. MA/B. Supervisor: Terence Donaldson...


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