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  • Index To Volumes 55 and 56
ackerman, diane. See Cohn, Elisha  
adnan, etel. See Villa-Ignacio, Teresa  
affective turn. See Armstrong, Nancy  
alexander, will. See Leong, Michael  
Armstrong, Nancy. “The Affective Turn in Contemporary Fiction” 55.3:441–65
ashbery, john. See Monacell, Peter  
bakopoulos, dean. See Linkon, Sherry Lee  
ballard, j. g. See Greaney, Michael  
barton, emily. See Peacock, James  
Beaumont, Alexander. “Exile and Freedom in Jeanette Winterson’s The Passion: Venice, the British Inner Cities, and the Cultural Politics of Disenfranchisement” 55.2:270–303
beukes, lauren. See Armstrong, Nancy  
Bewes, Timothy. “Against Exemplarity: W. G. Sebald and the Problem of Connection 55.1:1–31
Bex, Sean, and Stef Craps. “An Interview with Dave Eggers and Mimi Lok” 56.4:545–67
Bloomfield, Mandy. “Palimtextual Tracts: Susan Howe’s Rearticulation of Place” 55.4:665–700
boyd, william. See Greaney, Michael  
brathwaite, kamau. See Rippeon, Andrew  
cartwright, anthony. See O’Brien, Phil  
Chisholm, Dianne. “Juliana Spahr’s Ecopoetics: Ecologies and Politics of the Refrain” 55.1:118–47
coe, jonathan. See Greaney, Michael  
coetzee, j. m. See Armstrong, Nancy  
cohen, robert. See Greaney, Michael  
Cohn, Elisha. “Paperback Tigers: Breaking the Zoo” 56.4:568–600
desani, g. v. See Goldstone, Andrew  
digital literary sphere. See Murray, Simone  
Donofrio, Nicholas. “Esther Greenwood’s Internship: White-Collar Work and Literary Careerism in Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar 56.2:216–54
Dore, Florence. “The New Criticism and the Nashville Sound: William Faulkner’s The Town and Rock and Roll” 55.1:32–57
duncan, robert. See DuPlessis, Rachel Blau; Ehlers, Sarah; Hoeynck, Joshua S.; Neilson, Jeffrey  
DuPlessis, Rachel Blau. “Polymorphous Poetics: Robert Duncan’s H.D. Book 55.4:635–64
eggers, dave. See Bex, Sean, and Stef Craps  
Ehlers, Sarah. “Mourning the Modernist Undead: Robert Duncan’s Company and the Felt Silence of the Lost Generation” 55.1:89–117
ellis, thomas sayers. See Leonard, Keith D.  
Esteve, Mary. “Robinson’s Crusoe: Housekeeping and Economic Form” 55.2:219–48
eugenides, jeffrey. See Huehls, Mitchum  
everett, percival. See Huehls, Mitchum  
faulkner, william. See Dore, Florence  
gaddis, william. See Letzler, David  
Gaedtke, Andrew. “Halluci-nation: Mental Illness, Modernity, and Metaphoricity in Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children 55.4:701–25
Gibbons, Alison. “An Interview with Adam Thirlwell” 55.4:611–34
gilb, dagoberto. See López, Marissa  
Goldstone, Andrew. “Hatterr Abroad: G. V. Desani on the Stage of World Literature” 55.3:466–500
Greaney, Michael. “‘Observed, Measured, Contained’: Contemporary Fiction and the Science of Sleep” 56.1:56–80
Hart, Matthew, and Alexander Rocca. “An Interview with Rachel Kushner” 56.2:193–215
Hock, Stephen. “‘A Need to Mourn Abandonment in Advance’ in Nathaniel Mackey’s From a Broken Bottle Traces of Perfume Still Emanate 55.3:534–58
Hoeynck, Joshua S. “Deep Time and Process Philosophy in the Charles Olson and Robert Duncan Correspondence” 55.2:336–68
howe, susan. See Bloomfield, Mandy; Jennings, Chelsea  
Huehls, Mitchum. “The Post-Theory Theory Novel” 56.2:280–310
ishiguro, kazuo. See Armstrong, Nancy; Wright, Timothy  
Jennings, Chelsea. “Susan Howe’s Facsimile Aesthetic” 56.4:660–694
joseph, rajiv. See Cohn, Elisha  
kristol, irving. See Schreier, Benjamin  
kushner, rachel. See Hart, Matthew, and Alexander Rocca; Strombeck, Andrew  
Leader-Picone, Cameron. “Post-Black Stories: Colson Whitehead’s Sag Harbor and Racial Individualism” 56.3:421–49
Leonard, Keith D. “Postmodern Soul: The Innovative Nostalgia of Thomas Sayers Ellis” 56.2:340–71
Leong, Michael. “Neo-Surrealism’s Forked Tongue: Reflections on the Dramatic Monologue, Politics, and Community in the Recent Poetry of Will Alexander and John Yau” 55.3:501–33
Letzler, David. “Crossed-Up Disciplinarity: What Norbert Wiener, Thomas Pynchon, and William Gaddis Got Wrong about Entropy and Literature” 56.1:23–55
Linkon, Sherry Lee. “Men without Work: White Working-Class Masculinity in Deindustrialization Fiction” 55.1:148–67
lok, mimi. See Bex, Sean, and Stef Craps  
López, Marissa. “Border Bodies: Dagoberto Gilb’s Phenomenology of Race” 56.4:601–33
mackey, nathaniel. See Hock, Stephen  
macleod, alison. See Greaney, Michael  
marcus, ben. See Huehls, Mitchum  
marshall, paule. See Román, Elda Maria  
martel, yann. See Cohn, Elisha  
mccarthy, tom. See Miller, Sydney  
meyer, philipp. See...


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