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  • No, You Misheard
  • Brett Foster (bio)

I’m sorry that you thought I had said this was exciting.Instead what I said in actuality was this—I’m exitingnow, disembarking from this entire scene between usfor some happily unknown as of yet port, under Venusstill if considerably distant from the many errandswe’ve been running. I’m happy too that it still standsfor something—that curvy, glittery star—ever the patronoverlooking lovers and their wandering barks and so on.Now wait just a minute, I resent your calling me a coward,resent it very much, although, yes, it’s true, being a cow herdremains my primary line of work, main source of my income.So sorry we’ve come to cross-purposes, but better days are coming.Of this, let us be mindful, and let us charitably sweepour many minefields, which each prepared as the other slept. [End Page 2]

Brett Foster

BRETT FOSTER, who died this past November, was the author and editor of several books, including The Garbage Eater (2011).



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