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  • Lost in Townships
  • Kevin O’Shea (bio)

A road that goes back home should cross by soon.Watching for when to turn, we drive through townships,easing for curves and gunning into straights.There’s so little traffic that I canhog the middle line, if I check ahead.Either we missed it or a sign was gone.The wheel is in my hand and my otheris hung around my love, who doesn’t fightthe wind that’s pulling her tied hair back out.If we could hear it play, we’d barely wantthe radio, and we have the extra fuelto continue on, lost. But it feels really close.There’s nothing that we pass this far outthat doesn’t look like we’ve been here before. [End Page 69]

Kevin O’Shea

KEVIN O’SHEA holds an MFA in poetry from Western Colorado State University. He lives in New Jersey.



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