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  • Married Love
  • Brett Foster (bio)

Maybe it began with a text after class,and soon enough, lovemaking out of doorsif there was good fortune to your passion.Soon it was more than enough: each stood beforeone’s second self elevated by love’s exchange.Weird how your love can grow ethereal,so sublimating, yet everyone remainsever a creature, unshielded from hours and years.It’s the condition that makes the high points so—each other’s plunging merchants in Khartoum(feverish heights of honeymoon), or one in kiltand both buzzed, Highlands distillery photo,or out in the oncologist’s waiting room.That’s “lucky together” too; that’s how it’s built. [End Page 1]

Brett Foster

BRETT FOSTER, who died this past November, was the author and editor of several books, including The Garbage Eater (2011).



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