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  • On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres
  • Angie Macri (bio)

What is the dark but old blood hung, finally lost in the end from the last phase of the moon, a rust bowl in the bare spot in the forest? Dead in the water, deep in the album’s grooves worn out its first spring from the needle, in the tattoo of a dead mother’s name on her son’s neck. Deep as the tongue’s base almost to the throat, the inside of the guitar filled with the sounds of strings, which, according to loving fingers, set it all moving. She’s gone six years now, and the son, which doesn’t move, stands at the center, the dark heat of her name curving from the fixed point of her dying. The groove cut in the album revolves in its sphere, turning, their blood in its hung circles. [End Page 127]

Angie Macri

angie macri is the author of Underwater Panther, winner of the Cowles Poetry Book Prize at Southeast Missouri State University, and Fear Nothing of the Future or the Past, available from Finishing Line Press. Her recent work appears in journals including Natural Bridge, New Madrid, and the Southern Review. An Arkansas Arts Council fellow, she lives in Hot Springs. “On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres” is titled after Copernicus’s 1543 treatise.



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