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barley flute

Blowing a barley flute, on a springtime hill, yearning for home, Pil-nalliri

Blowing a barley flute, blue mountains in flower, yearning for childhood, Pil-nalliri

Blowing a barley flute, on crowded streets, yearning for a human touch, Pil-nalliri

Blowing a barley flute, roaming for years the hills and vales of tears, Pil-nalliri [End Page 138]

jeolla-do road to sorok island

Onward, ever onward following earthen tracks in stifling heat.

Friendly encounters between strangers, one leper gladly meeting another.

Beyond Cheonan Junction, the gourd-like sun lingers over the western hills.

Onward, ever onward following dirt tracks, staggering in the stifling heat, onward.

Beneath a willow tree, take off a shoe, take off a jikatabi, and find that another toe is gone.

Until it’s time to cut off the two remaining toes, onward, onward a thousand li down Jeolla-do roads.

Korea’s last leper colony is located on Sorok Island, Jeolla Province. From 1910 to 1945, thousands of patients died because of harsh treatment. [End Page 139]

Brother Anthony of Taizé

Brother Anthony of Taizé has published more than thirty volumes of translations of Korean poetry. Recently, he published ten volumes of work by Ko Un, along with volumes by Lee Si-Young and Kim Soo-bok. Born in Cornwall in 1942, he has lived in Korea since 1980 and was naturalized as a Korean citizen in 1994. Brother Anthony has received the Republic of Korea Literary Award (Translation), the Daesan Award for Translation, the Korea PEN Translation Prize, and the Ok-gwan (Jade Crown) Order of Merit for Culture from the Korean government. He is also emeritus professor of English at Sogang University and Chair of the International Creative Writing Center at Dankook University.



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