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RUSSIAN BIBLIOGRAPHY Recent Russian Books on Art, Science and Technology (1992-1994) Compiled by Leonardo International Co-Editor BulatM. Galeyev and Book Review Panelist Vladimir G. Chudnovsky. Arkadyev, M.A. Temporal Structures ofNew European Music, 2nd Ed. (Moscow: Biblos, 1993) 167 pp. Avotonomova, Kandinsky (album and introduction) (Mos­ cow: Izobrazitelnoye Iskusstvo, 1993) 31 pp. Fiorensky, P.A. Iconostasis: Selected Works on Art (St. Peters­ burg, TOO "Mifril," 1993) 365 pp. Fiorensky, P.A. Spatial and Temporal Analysis ofArtistic and Figurative Works (Moscow: Progress, 1993) 322 pp. Golomshtok, I. Totalitarian Art (Moscow: Galart, 1994) 295 pp. Gotsdiner, A.L. Psychology ofMusic (Moscow: NB Magistr, 1993) 220 pp. Ioskevich, Ya.B. Modern ArtisticDevelopments: Methodology of Complex Approaches (St. Petersburg: Ross. Int Istrorii Iskustv, 1993) 303 pp. Kandinsky, W. Concerning the Spiritual in Art (Moscow: Arkhimed, 1992) 107 pp. Kardash, E.Yu. Symboh ofRussian Medieval Art: Iconography andArchitecture (Obninsk: Int Atomn. Energetiki., 1993) 28 pp. Kharitonov, S.S. The Interdependence of the Arts (Yekaterinburg: Yural Univ. Press, 1992) 148 pp. Kholopov, Yu., and Tzenova, V. Edison Denisov (Composi­ tor, 1993) 289 pp. Koshelev, A.D., ed. Yu.M. Lotman and the Tartu and Moscow Schooh ofSemiotics (Moscow: Gnosis, 1994) 548 pp. Linnik, Yu. Amaravetta: Sonata ofAnon (about artist-cosmist V.T. Chernovolenko) (Petrozavodsk: Svatoi Ostrov, 1993) 224 pp. Lipatov, V. Rusland, Vol. 1 of Color, Light, Life (in 2 vol­ umes) (1993) 220 pp. Mentyukov, A.; Ustinov, A.; and Cheldyev, S. Music, Electronics , Intonation (Novosibirsk: Conservatorium, 1994) 314 pp. Meskov, V.S., et al. Logics: Science and Art (Moscow: Vyshaya Shkola, 1993) 333 pp. Orlov, G. The Spirits ofComputerAnimation: The World ofElectronic Images and Levels of Consciousness (Moscow: Mirt, 1993) 106 pp. Orlov, G. Tree ofMusic (St. Petersburg: Sovetsky Composi­ tor, 1992) 408 pp. Punin, N. On Tatlin (Moscow: "RA" Literature and Artistic Assoc, 1994) 128 pp. Rosiner, F. The Art ofCiurlionis (Moscow: Terra, 1993) 408 pp. Sarabyanov, D.V., and Avtonomova, N.B. Wassily Kandinsky: ThePath oftheArtist and Time (Moscow: Gallart, 1994) 240 pp. Sokolov, A. S. Musical Composition in the Twentieth Century: Investigation (Moscow: Muzyka, 1992) 227 pp. Terentyeva, N.A., and Gorbunova, N.B., eds. Methodological Guidelines for Computer Music Courses (St. Peters­ burg: Obrazovanye, 1994) 64 pp. Voloshinov, A. Mathematics and Music (Moscow: Prosveshenye , 1992) 335 pp. Yevin, I.A. Art Synergetics (Moscow: 1993) 171 pp. ColorProblems in Psychology (Moscow: Nauka, 1993) 204 pp. Light-Music in Theater and Variety (seminar papers) (Kazan: Aviation Institute Press, 1992) 136 pp. Modern Laokoim: AestheticProblems ofSynaesthesia (collection of scientific conference materials) (Moscow: Mos­ cow Univ. Press, 1992) 128 pp. Russian Cosmism: Anthology ofPhilosophical Thought (Mos­ cow: Pedagogika Press, 1993) 367 pp. Synthesis in the Art ofAsia: Collected Papers (Moscow: Nauka, 1993) 224 pp. Today and Half a Century Ago: S. Zorin, A. Grigoryev, N. Prokuratova, S. Izko: Painting, Graphics, Tapestry, Photography, Kinetic Objects, Optical Theater, Musical Light-Painting exh. cat. (Moscow: "Mashmir" As­ sociation, 1992) 32 pp. Total Illusion: Stereophotography by Koleychuk, exh. cat. (Mos­ cow: Tretyakovskaya gallereya, 1994) 12 pp.© 1995 ISAST LEONARDO, Vol. 28, No. 1, p. 67,1995 6 7 ...


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