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WAY In GATEWAY we report on significant events, including conferences and expositions;news of interestingdevelopmentsin technology and science as thqr relate to the arts; tutorial-leueldiscussions of impurtant technologies and sciencefor the nonexpert. Wewelcome readers’ suggestionsfor and contributionstofuture sections. BACHELOR OF ARTS IN INTERACTIVE ARTS, GWENT COLLEGE OF HIGHER EDUCATION The program at Gwent College’sField of Interactive Arts emphasizesthe forward edge of contemporary CONFERENCE ON SCRlABlN MOSCOW, 6-7 JANUARY 1992 A conference inspired by the 120th birthday of Scriabin was held in culture, enabling students to become creative,skilled, informed and critical participants in cultural change and artistic innovation. The Field’sCoherent Modular Scheme offers a matrix of studies that address the issues, needs and opportunities of contemporary life. Students enter a Field (e.g. Interactive h t s ; Film and Photography; Design; or Culture, Media and Technology ) that provides the context of their practical and theoretical work. They can choose to study three subjects from the following: Telemedia, Photomedia, Biofilm, SpatialArts, Innovative Product Design, Moscow at the Museum of Composers in January 1992. In addition to theoretical reports dedicated to his creative musical work and philosophicalviews, his ideas connected to the idea of lightsymphony were discussed. At this Furniture‘Design, Fashion/Textiles, Film Theory, Communications Design, Graphic Arts, Animation, Documentary Photography, Film Production, History and Theory of Photography, and others under development. Although now primarily concerned with the plastic arts and telemedia, the Field employs an increasingly wide range of practices, seeking the interaction of the visual arts with new developments in, for example, music, writing, architecture and the sciences,extending to the interactive technologies of learning and entertainment. The Field program is especiallysupportive of collaborative work and of projects requiring the interaction of groups of individualspossessing a event, Bulat M. Galeyev presented experimental videotapes and announcedthe tenth “Prometheus Readings,” which took place in Kazan at the seminar Light-Music in Theatre and Variety in April 1992. An American musicologist and specialist on Scriabin’s works, F. Bowers, showed a videotape of his own light-musicalconcerts with the music of Scriabin. In addition, J. Beiker of Brown Universitygave a diversity of skills. - presentation, Representativesof Bogliasko p,er Skrjabin (Italy)and the Q 1993BAST LEONARDO,Vol26, No. I, pp. 510,1993 5 WAY Conference on Scriabin ... Scriabin Society (the Netherlands) told about their plans for future performances of Scriabin’s Prometheus in Genoa and Eindhoven. BULAT M. GALEYEV MI, SKB “Prometei” K. Marksa Str. 10 420111 Kazan Russia COMPUTER ANIMATION: PROBLEMS AND PERSPECTIVES MOSCOW, 22-23 FEBRUARY 1992 The seminar Computer Animation: Problems and Perspectives, held in February 1992 in Moscow, attracted artists and others working on the theory and practice of computer animation in countries of the former Soviet Republics. Held in the House of Cinema in Moscow, this meeting was initiated by the Union of Composers and Animation Center Pilots. The speakers paid much attention to the parallels and differences betweentraditional and computer animation methods. Topics of discussion included the specific features of computer I f one could only reproducenature, and always with less beauty than the original, why paint at all? --Georgia O’Keeffe i I Bachelor o f Arts. .. Students working within the Field of Interactive Arts have access to a diversity of media involving both solid, material elements and those that are time-based, digital,electronic or ephemeral. The scale of production can be very broad, extending from the intimate and personal to large public installations and performances or wide-ranging urban interventions, and from very simple structures and systems to highly complex, multimedia environments. While the Field sets out to support the student’s search for new forms of communication, construction and cultural interaction by exploring the creative potential of new technologies, it is also open to the investigation and interrogation of theory and practice in other cultures wherever such inquiry can be thought to contribute to the formulation of new artistic initiatives and strategies. ROYASCOTT 64 Upper Cheltenham Place Bristol BS6 5HR United Kingdom CONTENT BEYOND FORM AT EUROGRAPHICS ’91 The annual conference of the European Association for Computer Graphics, Eurographics ’91,convened in Vienna during the first week of September,with over 400 delegates from around the world. Slide, Film...


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