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JULY 16, 2015, TO OCTOBER 15, 2015

Bennett, Eric. 2015. Workshops of Empire: Stegner, Engle, and American Creative Writing during the Cold War. Iowa City: University of Iowa Press. $22.50 sc. 256 pp.
Berge, Leigh Claire. 2015. Scandals and Abstraction: Financial Fiction of the Long 1980s. New York: Oxford University Press. $57.00 hc. 230 pp.
Brown, Joan L. 2015. Approaches to Teaching the Works of Carmen Martín Gaite. New York: Modern Language Association. $37.50 hc. $19.75 sc. 280 pp.
Carpenter, Cari, and Carolyn Sorisio, eds. 2015. The Newspaper Warrior: Sarah Winnemucca Hopkins’s Campaign for American Indian Rights, 1864–1891. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press. $75.00 hc. 330 pp.
Cowan, Laura. 2015. Rebecca West’s Subversive Use of Hybrid Genres, 1911–41. New York: Bloomsbury. $110.00 hc. 208 pp.
Duvall, John N., and Robert P. Marzec, eds. 2015. Narrating 9/11: Fantasies of State, Security, and Terrorism. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press. $34.95 sc. 322 pp.
Eagleton, Terry. 2015. Hope Without Optimism. Charlottesville: University of Virginia Press. $22.95 hc. 176 pp.
Ellis, Nadia. 2015. Territories of the Soul: Queered Belonging in the Black Diaspora. Durham, NC: Duke University Press. $84.95 hc. $23.95 sc. 243 pp.
Evans, Brad, and Henry A. Giroux. 2015. Disposable Futures: The Seduction of Violence in the Age of Spectacle. San Francisco: City Lights. $17.95 sc. 282 pp.
Folsom, Marcia McClintock, and John Wiltshire, eds. 2015. Approaches to Teach Austen’s “Mansfield Park.” New York: Modern Language Association. $24.00 sc. 255 pp.
Foss, Sonja, and William Waters. 2015. Destination Dissertation: A Traveler’s Guide to a Done Dissertation. Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield. $90.00 sc. 440 pp.
Gould, Eliga H., and Peter S. Onuf, eds. 2015. Empire and Nation: The American Revolution in the Atlantic World. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press. $29.95 sc. 381 pp.
Gunn, Robert Lawrence. 2015. Ethnology and Empire: Languages, Literature, and the Making of the North American Borderlands. New York: New York University Press. $89.00 hc. $28.00 sc. 304 pp.
James, Henry. 2015. The Ambassadors. Edited by Nicola Bradbury. New York: Cambridge University Press. $150.00 hc. 560 pp.
Johnson, Mark. 2015. Morality for Humans: Ethical Understanding from the Perspective of Cognitive Science. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. $35.00 hc. $21.00 sc. 261 pp.
Keen, Suzanne. 2015. Narrative Form. New York: Palgrave Macmillan. $32.00 sc. 211 pp. [End Page 275]
Luter, Matthew. 2015. Understanding John Lethem. Columbia: University of South Carolina Press. $39.95 hc. 144 pp.
Madera, Judith. 2015. Black Atlas: Geography and Flow in Nineteenth-Century African American Literature. Durham, NC: Duke University Press. $25.95 sc. 300 pp.
Marsh, Alec. 2015. John Kasper and Ezra Pound: Saving the Republic. New York: Bloomsbury. $104.00 hc. 320 pp.
Massumi, Brian. 2015. Ontopower: War, Powers, and the State of Perception. Durham, NC: Duke University Press. $89.95 hc. $24.05 sc. 320 pp.
McGregor, Michael N. 2015. Pure Act: The Uncommon Life of Robert Lax. New York: Fordham University Press. $34.95 hc. 472 pp.
Monta, Susannah Brietz, and Margaret W. Ferguson, eds. 2015. Teaching Early Modern English Prose. New York: Modern Language Association. $25.00 sc. 386 pp.
Morgan, Jack. 2015. Joyce’s City: History, Politics, and Life in Dubliners. Columbia: University of Missouri Press. $60.00 hc. 200 pp.
Olwell, Robert, and Alan Tully, eds. 2015. Cultures and Identities in Colonial British America. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press. $29.95 sc. 386 pp.
Rudrum, David, and Nicholas Stavris, eds. 2015. Supplanting the Postmodern: An Anthology on the Arts and Culture of the Early Twenty-First Century. New York: Bloomsbury. $120.00 hc. $29.95 sc. 400 pp.
Sanchez, Rebecca. 2015. Deafening Modernism: Embodied Language and Visual Poetics in American Literature. New York: New York University Press. $89.00 hc. $25.00 sc. 240 pp.
Soufas, C. Christopher Jr. 2015. Subject, Structure, and Imagination in the Discourse on Modernity. New York: Palgrave Macmillan. $90.00 hc. 192 pp.
Travis, Peter W., and Frank Grady, eds. 2014. Approaches to Teaching Chaucer’s “Canterbury Tales.” New York: Modern Language Association of America. $24.00 sc. 248 pp.
Ware, Ben. 2015. Dialectic...


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