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No. 1. LouisBec, Labis ZMdius, computer graphics. Thisartist createstwo- and three-dimensionalmodels of imaginaryo’ganisms whose chemistryis based on sulfur. (SeeGeneralArticle by George Gessert.) Color PlateA No. 2. Lloyd Walker, technicalillustrationof the NASA First Lunar Outpost (FLO)createdwith VIDI Presenter Professionalsoftware, 1992. Thepiloted FLOlander isshownatop ofSaturnV derived heavy lift launchvehicleshortly after launch. (Seethe Abstractby JohnF d t o . ) No.3.JackButler,Male GenitalE-, lagepagefromthe journaltitled “The wbichincludes drawinpofmale genitaldifferentiation andpolamid photographsof genitalembryogenesis paintedontheartist‘s bodyand onthebody o fauartistadlabomtor. Atissuehereisthe framingof biological sdedfii theoq,the artist‘s personalsubjec9 Hx 13in,1991.AcolBodyascama .4” paintingsrepresenting tivityandLacanianpsYchaanah /tic theorymto onepracticet h a t addressesthe construe tionofmale sexuality. (photo:J. Mitchell) Color Plate B No.1. Dick Termes, TeseQiztingTebaHome , multiple photographsof each side of the artist's illustrated tetrahedroncan fit together to mate an Mite tesselation. No.2. G.A. Agoston, Le Martien,o i lon canvas,65 x 54 cm,1989. (Collectionof LeM d e de Gu6thary, Gu6thary,France)This selfportraitispart of the artist's seriesof expressionistic paintings of people, dogs, buildings and scenes at the Basquevillage of Gu6thary,France. Landy Sheridan.) No.3. Sonia Landy Sheridan, M y Museum: Vdizing Tim. am@adring: 1965AoYlicpainti7g 7, "Lumens (TimeArts)and -softwarebyJohnD m 3 computerscan by Paul Lane, hardware ZEOS 386/25 notebook, 1992. (Seethe Editorial by Sonia ...


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