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Welcome are papers that engage diverse questions of materialism and materiality. We are especially interested in papers that are in dialogue with emergent accounts of materiality and materialism, from new materialist, feminist materialist, speculative realist, and object-oriented accounts of materiality to rethinking of concepts of materiality and materialism in Marxist theory, ecotheory, biopolitical theory, affect theory, animal studies, and posthumanisms. Can “materialism” serve as a new organizing principle for the humanities (as "culture" and “language” did at an earlier moment)? What kinds of questions does a focus on materialisms and materiality open up? What kinds of questions does it close down? How can different forms of materialist speculation be brought into productive dialogue with each other? Should certain materialist approaches be privileged over others? Can we bring newer approaches to the topics of materiality and materialism into dialogue with older forms of materialism?

(Deadline: 31 December 2015)

VOL. 25, NO. 1     PASSPORTS

Welcome are papers that explore the implications of the passport as a crucial, yet imperfect instrument of state power. How do passports restrict or enable mobility, and what social logics determine the distribution and granting of access in a globalised world? What dysfunctionalities arise from their implementation and their technologies of identification and authentification? What are the options for creative subversion? What is the relationship between the passport’s affiliation with the nation-state and emerging conceptions of transnationality and cosmopolitanism? In what ways do literature and the visual arts critically engage with the passport as an arbitrator of power, rights and identity? What are the social, political, economic, and intellectual dimensions of passports in the contemporary world? What are the philosophical and critical dimensions of the passport?

(Deadline: 31 December 2015) [End Page 545]



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