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In the last issue there were a handful of unresolved errors that persisted in the final copy of Robinson Murphy’s “Elizabeth Barton’s Claim: Feminist Defiance in Wolf Hall.” These include:

The sentence that starts on page 153, line 8, should read, “Though many criticized her, just as many were seduced by her ostensible authenticity (she enjoyed celebrity as a destination site for pilgrims, in fact), so when Barton made the transition from religious to political prophecy, she could rely on an established body of followers.”

The sentence that starts on page 155, line 3, should read, “Punctuating his litany of Barton’s heresies, Capon remarks . . .”

The sentence that starts on page 157, line 26, should read, “Greenblatt, in his review of Wolf Hall, explains the affective potentiality enabled by the historical novelist’s extra-archival imagination . . .” [End Page 199]



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