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  • Twenty-First Century Indigenous Historiography:Twenty-Two Must-Read Books
  • Michelle Desveaux, Patrick Chassé, Glenn Iceton, Anne Janhunen, and Omeasoo Wāhpāsiw
Home is the Hunter: The James Bay Cree and Their Land, by Hans Carlson. Vancouver, University of British Columbia Press, 2008. 344 pp. $87.00 Cdn (cloth), $36.95 Cdn (paper).
Do Glaciers Listen? Local Knowledge, Colonial Encounters, and Social Imagination, by Julie Cruikshank. Vancouver, University of British Columbia Press, 2005. 328 pp. $97.00 Cdn (cloth), $36.95 Cdn (paper).
Indians in Unexpected Places, by Philip J. Deloria. Lawrence, University Press of Kansas, 2004. 312 pp. $18.95 US (paper).
To Rise in Darkness: Revolution, Repression, and Memory in El Salvador, 1920–1932, by Jeffrey L. Gould and Aldo Lauria-Santiago. Durham, Duke University Press, 2008. 400 pp. $94.95 US (cloth), $26.95 US (paper).
Arctic Justice: On Trial for Murder, Pond Inlet, 1923, by Shelagh Grant. Montreal & Kingston, McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2002. 368 pp. $110.00 Cdn (cloth), $32.95 Cdn (paper).
Elder Brother and the Law of the People: Contemporary Kinship and Cowessess First Nation, by Robert Alexander Innes. Winnipeg, University of Manitoba Press, 2013. 256 pp. $27.95 Cdn (paper).
Trials of Nation Making: Liberalism, Race, and Ethnicity in the Andes, 1810–1910, by Brooke Larson. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2004. 318 pp. $104.99 US (cloth), $34.99 US (paper).
Makúk: A History of Aboriginal-White Relations, by John Lutz. Vancouver, University of British Columbia Press, 2008. 448 pp. $87.00 Cdn (cloth), $36.95 Cdn (paper). [End Page 524]
Courage Tastes of Blood: The Mapuche Community of Nicolás Ailío and the Chilean State, 1906–2001, by Florencia E. Mallon. Durham, Duke University Press, 2005. 344 pp. $94.95 (cloth), $25.95 (paper).
Indigenous Women, Work, and History: 1940–1980, by Mary Jane Logan McCallum. Winnipeg, University of Manitoba Press, 2014. 336 pp. $27.95 Cdn (paper).
Cree Narrative Memory: From Treaties to Contemporary Times, by Neal McLeod. Saskatoon, Purich Publishing Limited, 2007. 144 pp. $25.00 Cdn (paper).
Colonizing Hawai‘i: The Cultural Power of Law, by Sally Engle Merry. Princeton, Princeton University Press, 2000. 432 pp. $43.95 US (paper).
Seasons of Change: Labor, Treaty Rights, and Ojibwe Nationhood, by Chantal Norrgard. Chapel Hill, University of North Carolina Press, 2014. 216 pp. $29.95 US (paper).
Written as I Remember It: Teachings of (Ɂəms taɁəw) From the Life of a Sliammon Elder by Elsie Paul, in collaboration with Paige Raibmon, and Harmony Johnson. Vancouver, University of British Columbia Press, 2014. 488 pp. $125.00 Cdn (cloth), $39.95 Cdn (paper).
Authentic Indians: Episodes of Encounter from the Late-Nineteenth-Century Northwest Coast, Paige Raibmon. Durham & London, Duke University Press, 2005. 328 pp. $89.95 US (cloth), $24.95 US (paper).
Standing Up with Ga’axsta’las: Jane Constance Cook and the Politics of Memory, Church, and Custom, by Leslie A. Robertson with the Kwagu’ł Gixsam Clan. Vancouver, University of British Columbia Press, 2012. 596 pp. $125.00 Cdn (cloth), $39.95 Cdn (paper).
Telling it to the Judge: Taking Native History to Court, by Arthur J. Ray. Montreal & Kingston: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2012. 304 pp. $49.95 Cdn (cloth), $29.95 Cdn (paper).
Hunters at the Margin: Native People and Wildlife in the Northwest Territories, by John Sandlos. Vancouver, University of British Columbia Press, 2007. 360 pp. $87.00 Cdn (cloth), $36.95 Cdn (paper).
Skin for Skin: Death and Life for Inuit and Innu, by Gerald M. Sider. Durham, Duke University Press, 2014. 312 pp. $89.95 US (cloth), $24.95 US (paper). [End Page 525]
The Archive of Place: Unearthing the Pasts of the Chilcotin Plateau, by William J. Turkel. Vancouver, University of British Columbia Press, 2007. 352 pp. $87.00 Cdn (cloth), $36.95 Cdn (paper).
The Colonization of Mi’kmaw Memory and History, 1794–1928: The King v. Gabriel Sylliboy, by William C. Wicken. Toronto, University of Toronto Press, 2012. 336 pp. $73.00 Cdn (cloth), $33.95 Cdn (paper).
The Art of Being In-between: Native Intermediaries, Indian Identity, and Local Rule in Colonial Oaxaca, by Yanna Yannakakis. Durham...


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