Research on casual sexual relationships and experiences (CSREs) has increased in the last decade; however, there is no consensus about the scope and definition of CSREs. To describe the main forms of CSREs, a latent profile analysis was performed on single and sexually active men and women aged from 18 to 30 years old who described their last casual sexual experience. Five profiles were identified: 1) the one-time sexual encounter; 2) the ex-romantic partnership, in which one still has sexual contact after ending their romantic relationship; 3) the mostly about sex partnership, in which contacts are primarily sexual, whether or not a friendship exists; 4) the intimate and sexual partnership, a hybrid of friend and romantic partner with whom one has frequent sexual and social interactions without commitment or intent to form a couple; 5) the friendship first partnership, a friendship to which sex is added, where social activities and friendly interactions dominate. Participants across profiles differed according to the number of sexual partners in the past year, their intention of having other sexual contacts with the partner, being under the influence of alcohol or drugs during the most recent sexual encounter with their partner and their type of sexual exclusivity agreement. This research contributes to a better description and understanding of CSREs among young adults and to further specifying its area of investigation.


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