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Calls for Papers

Postmodern Culture invites submissions for a special issue on “Critical Theory and the Legacy of Psychoanalysis.” We are interested in studies of the changing aesthetic and political significance of psychoanalytic thought over the last thirty years. Accepted articles will be due by 15 June 2007. Direct inquiries to Jan Mieszkowski ( or to

Contributions might consider the following: How is the Frankfurt School’s interpretation of psychoanalysis relevant today? In what respects are Adorno’s positions on the politics of psychoanalysis more important than Marcuse’s (or Benjamin’s)? What is the current status of poststructuralist critiques of Freud (e.g., in Deleuze and Guattari or de Man)? Are efforts to unite Freudian and Marxist categories most productive when (and if) they reveal such a synthesis to be impossible? Has the success of phenomenology served to displace philosophical psychology in ideology critique, and to what extent can this be attributed to the influence of Levinas or Derrida? Are structuralist-Lacanian ideologies of religion, sacrifice, or abjection of less political value than their proponents suggest?


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