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Every issue of Postmodern Culture carries notices of events, calls for papers, and other announcements, free of charge. Advertisements will also be published on an exchange basis. If you respond to one of the ads or announcements below, please mention that you saw the notice in PMC.

Publication Announcements is a website devoted to urban writing on the modern metropolis.

The website serves as a gateway to over 500 rare or out of print primary sources, a streaming media area with RealAudio/Video, a picture library, a featured texts area, and a discounted bookstore for the academic and casual reader. The central focus of the site is the library, which brings together avant-garde writing on the city by Situationist and Lettrist international writers such as Guy Debord, Alex Trocchi and Raoul Vaneigem.

A wealth of information of interest to both research scholars and contemporary urban activists has been brought together under one roof, from academic articles to new writing on urban trespass and public disorder. As Adrian Maddox (Associate Editor, NewMediaZero) has said, is

a superb resource pertaining to all matters psychogeographic. A massive amount of research is marshalled into this must-see site, and the enviably simple design makes getting at all the information very easy. Covers dozens of authors, ideas and sub-topics—a wonderland of conceptual firepower. Unmissable. is the first major archive of its kind based in Europe and will be commissioning/featuring some of the leading authorities on city cultures, including:

Prof. Julian Wolfreys (Univ. of Florida) on Peter Ackroyd.

Dr. Iain Borden (University College, London) on skateboarding.

Norman Cook (a.k.a. Fatboy Slim) on urban violence.

Ian Fleming on Berlin.

Scott Morris (New Media Creative Magazine) on Len Bracken.

Anthony Bertram (BBC) on “Housing the Working Classes.” is published by Psychogeography Publications UK (PPUK). The site is designed and edited by Ian McKay (Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Media, Arts & Society, Southampton Institute, UK).


Press: Marcus Lynch
Editor: Ian McKay

P.O. Box 1059
SO16 5AG
United Kingdom

What have others said about

The site looks great, and I have already recommended it to a number of people who I know will find it very interesting.

—Dr. Iain Borden, University College London.

We must just point out a superb new site called This stunning and streamlined resource is a must for those addicted to mapping the myriad conceptual contours of the modern metropolis. No point denying either our envy of their elegantly lo-fi design... no wayward html here! A curatorial gem.
—Classic Cafes

M/C: A Journal of Media and Culture—“Mix” Issue

The Media and Cultural Studies Centre at the University of Queensland and M/C Online are proud to present issue 4.2 of: M/C: A Journal of Media and Culture


“Social Dexterity: Manoeuvring through the Mix” by issue editors Jason Ensor and Carolyn Hughes

It would be fair to say that in our day to day negotiation between the personal and the public, we encounter and process cultural, material, and symbolic products in all strata and sections of society. In our homes and in our workplaces, we appear to manage multiple senses of timekeeping and contrasting time-frames with fluid unconscious dexterity. In our forms of entertainment and relaxation, from print to television to cinema, or from html to mp3s to DivX, we juxtapose like and unlike metaphors/images/products/text in a post-Frankensteinian assemblage of innovated cultural meaning. For example, The Phantom Menace and Austin Powers are commentaries on our visual eclecticism, from mixing mythological elements from feudal times in a space opera to our nostalgic enjoyment of presenting the old sixties’ “style” as renewed, millennium-way. Napster is a logical extension of file-sharing which reflects a globalizing trend towards the distribution of all content worldwide while meeting the specific requirements of individual taste (that is, the do-it-yourself musical cd...

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