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Every issue of Postmodern Culture carries notices of events, calls for papers, and other announcements, free of charge. Advertisements will also be published on an exchange basis. If you respond to one of the ads or announcements below, please mention that you saw the notice in PMC.

Publication Announcements

Situationist International Anthology

The Situationist International Anthology has now been entirely retranslated and uploaded. The original book translations were quite accurate, but the new online versions are a bit clearer and more idiomatic.

They are also easier to work with because there is a new site index with over 2000 entries, covering every person mentioned, every revolt or revolution (chronologically and by country) and hundreds of other topics from anarchism to Zen. Click on

The Bureau of Public Secrets website, which has received over 60,000 page visits during its first year, features Ken Knabb’s Situationist International Anthology (translations from the notorious group that helped trigger the May 1968 revolt) and Public Secrets, the recent collection of Knabb’s own writings, including “The Joy of Revolution,” “Confessions of a Mild- Mannered Enemy of the State,” and an assortment of comics, leaflets and articles on Wilhelm Reich, Kenneth Rexroth, Gary Snyder, the sixties counterculture, radical women, Chinese anarchists, socially engaged Buddhists, urban “psychogeography,” the Watts riot, the Iranian uprising, the Gulf War, and the recent jobless revolt in France. New texts and updates are being added every few days.

Bureau of Public Secrets
P.O. Box 1044
Berkeley CA 94701

Conspire—A Journal of Literary Art

November 1999
Volume III, Issue XI

Featured Artist

Robert Lietz
“Parking Light Poems” -a comparative hypertext adventure


Les Wicks
Teresa White
Frank Van Zant
Janeen Pergrin
Holly F. Pettit
Alex Pepple
Shann Palmer
John Nettles
Alex Lang
Allison Inaba
Eva Hung
Mary Herbert
Stacey Fruits
Gene Doty
Julie Damerell
Dancing Bear


Dennis Must
Irving A. Greenfield

Exploring Literature

Randy Money
“The Return of the Contemporary Monster”

Jack Marion
“The Lure of Politics, The Promise of Poetry”

CK Tower
Born of the Sun: Editor’s Choice for Classic Artists- “Poets and Writers of the Harlem Renaissance”

Conspire Classifieds

A New Poetry Collection by Ruth Daigon and a look at the Internet Literary Editor’s Fellowship

If you are the editor of an on-line literary publication or a writer publishing on-line, and have news that may be of interest to the on-line literary community, please feel free to write the editor and request your news item be added to Conspire Classifieds. This page will be updated weekly, or as needed.

For February 2000

Conspire celebrates its 3rd anniversary with our 2nd Annual Women’s Issue; to be published concurrently with Riding the Meridian’s, (ed. Jennifer Ley) special issue highlighting women writers. Along with the call for poetry by women, Conspire is seeking non-fiction/creative non-fiction, gender specific essays from women writers. Other forms of prose by women will also be accepted for this issue. Accepting submissions November 5 – January 15. Please see the submissions page for more specific guidelines on submitting to Conspire, and check in at Riding the Meridian for their guidelines.

CK Tower, Lead Editor
Fanoula Sevastos, Prose Editor
Randy Money, Exploring Literature
Jack Marion, Exploring Literature

New Observations Magazine

New Observations is pleased to announce the publication of Incarcaration, guest edited by Gene Kraig.
Fall 1999, issue #123, $6.00


As Gene Kraig says in her introduction, “The artists assembled here speak of confinement. Imprisonment. Art of a most stark reality facing two million incarcerated American sons, daughters, husbands, wives. We need it all to enlighten. Words and images: abstract, conceptual, representative; the refined and the unrefined. And maybe then we will be able to bring forth the picture of imprisonment today as one of the largest growth industries in America, 1999. In this issue, I have been honored to have contributors who have the capacity to transcend the saturated mediaized images of incarceration to impact us with their depictions of the meaning of confinement: labeling, impenetrable loss, hopelessness, demons, vulnerability, isolation, dehumanization...

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