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Every issue of Postmodern Culture carries notices of events, calls for papers, and other announcements, free of charge. Advertisements will also be published on an exchange basis. If you respond to one of the ads or announcements below, please mention that you saw the notice in PMC.

Publication Announcements

○ The Minnesota Review

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Rethinking Marxism

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○ Transformation

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Cyber Times

Are you ready for tomorrow? Stay ahead and hit the global e-zine of technology. Cyber Times is an endless update on the future...

Hot news update and cool blue advance from the source that never stops. Online and out every month, Cyber Times is a free fast-forward fact-packed fix of forefront technology developments.

website hotlinks

AIDS vaccine . body armor . cryonic suspension . drug abuse in athletics . environmental restoration . food allergies . graffiti removal by laser . hypersonic travel . interactive wallpaper . junk DNA . knowledge engineering . liquid weapons . missile silos for sale . nanotechnology: the next industrial revolution . organized crime in Russia . prospecting for water on the Moon . quantum interference . robot toys . smart cars . tourism in space . US spy satellites . virtual reality hostage rescues . wearable PC prototypes . X-ray vision for soldiers . your genes? . z-pinch particle beam fusion accelerator

new wave gear

Where is the latest showcase for everything technology-wise that you’ll be playing with in a year or two? Thanks to our roving industrial spies, there’s no need to take a jet out to get the specs from the world’s top trade expos, conferences and schmooze’em-ups.

jobs for the droids

Our jobfinder listings section, for those with more brains than a UFO crashsite recovery squad, brings you to the forefront of radical job culture. Resident scanners have sifted the realms of academia and zaibatsu research labs for the smart posts in science and technology. So, take your pick from the pastimes that pay.

the future’s the past before it’s even the present

We aim to provide the world’s only serious guide to the unbelievable! We’re after the inside stories from unknown centres and the low-down on advances to come. But it’s not what you know, it’s what you can prove. In short, we’ll bring you tomorrow... today. The journey starts HERE.

○ New River 5

New River 5 is now online. It includes Christy Sheffield Sanford’s hypermedia composition, “Light-Water: A Mosaic of Meditations,” and David Herrstrom’s hypertext poem, “City of Angles & Anguish.” Please stop by and take a look.

○ Mute

Html version of a short essay (with some added paratextual paraphernalia), originally written for Mute(no. 11), ‘Of Programmatology’... now available at:

This magazine is recommended for those interested in art and digital culture. The latest issue is number 12, and it includes many fine articles on, for example, regulation and the net and the ‘new’ avant-frontier of biotechnological engagements. Mute did surface in UK news agents for a time. Better stockists should have it. Access the website at:

A more specialized essay on transliteration also available at:

A version of this essay will also appear in “Gravitational Intrigue: an anthology of emergent hypermedia,” the forthcoming (CD Rom/Web-based) vol 22 of The Little Magazine. Inquiries:

Both these essays probably need 4.0x browsers and screens that are at least 800x600.

○ Year Zero One Forum

Year Zero One Forum Issue #4

Year Zero One announces the launch of Issue #4, the fourth edition of our forum for dialogue about contemporary art practice through on-line critical essays, reviews, news, and views. Featured in the current issue is:

LICHEN: Mary Anne Barkhouse & Michael Belmores Toronto Sculpture Garden installation reviewed by Harold Alegria-Ortiz

ART IN PUBLIC SPACES: Creating Memory and Community by Design: Women who are redefining public art - article by Suzanne Farkas


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