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  • Going Out of Eden
  • John Foy (bio)

My son was troubled by Masaccio,the one of Eve and Adam ushered outof Eden, crying, side by side, a sorrowclear to all and leaving little doubtthat what had happened to them wasn’t good.It was for him a point of fascinationthat God could get so mad. He understoodthat they were naked, cold, and couldn’t run.

But where was Eden, and where, then, would they go,and why couldn’t they get some clothes to wear?“It’s like a place in the mind,” I said, “althoughsome people think it used to be right herein this world.” Then he went away to goand play with the dogs in the rain and didn’t care. [End Page 485]

John Foy

JOHN FOY’s first book is Techne’s Clearinghouse (Zoo Press). His poems are featured in the Swallow Anthology of New American Poets and have appeared widely in journals and online publications, including most recently The Hudson Review and The Village Voice. His poems are forthcoming in The Yale Review and The Raintown Review Anthology.



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